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Addressing Complex Air Handling Needs with Precision

In the dynamic world of air handling, one-size-fits-all solutions often fall short in addressing the unique requirements of different environments. The challenges range from maintaining air quality and temperature control to integrating systems into limited spaces or specific architectural designs. These challenges become more pronounced in sectors like healthcare, education, and industrial settings, where air handling is not just a matter of comfort but also of safety and operational efficiency.

Additionally, many facilities face issues with retrofitting older systems to meet modern standards, including energy efficiency and environmental regulations. The need for customizable, efficient, and reliable air handling units (AHUs) is paramount in ensuring optimal environmental conditions across various settings. This is where the need for a specialized approach to air handling becomes evident.

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Tailored Air Handling Solutions by Alliance Air Products

Alliance Air Products is at the forefront of addressing these air handling challenges with custom-designed AHUs. Alliance Air Products’ offerings are tailored to meet the specific needs of each project, ensuring optimal air quality, temperature control, and energy efficiency. Whether it’s a complex multi-zone system for a large commercial building or a compact unit for a specialized medical facility, Alliance Air Products’ team of experienced engineers and technicians works closely with clients to design and manufacture units that meet the exact requirements.

Alliance Air Products’ commitment extends beyond design and manufacturing. Alliance Air Products provides comprehensive technical support and consultation, assisting clients through the selection process and ensuring seamless integration of air handlers into existing systems. With a focus on custom solutions, Alliance Air Products ensures that every AHU meets the highest standards of performance, efficiency, and reliability, tailored to each unique environment.

Maximize Your Air Quality and Efficiency with Alliance Air Handlers

Custom-Designed for Specific Needs:

Precision-engineered solutions.

Enhanced Air Quality:

Optimal filtration and air processing.

Energy Efficiency:

Lower operational costs, eco-friendly designs.

Versatile Applications:

Ideal for various sectors and spaces.

Advanced Technology Integration:

Incorporating the latest innovations.


Upgrading existing systems effortlessly.

Comprehensive Support:

From design to post-installation service.

Robust Construction:

Long-lasting materials and components.

Quiet Operation:

Minimizing noise for comfortable environments.

Experience the Alliance Advantage in Air Handling

Alliance Air Products introduces a new level of customization and quality to air handling. Alliance Air Products’ approach to custom air handlers is rooted in understanding the distinctive requirements of each client. Every aspect is considered – from space constraints to specific environmental needs – ensuring that each unit designed and manufactured exceeds expectations.

The core of Alliance Air Products’ strength lies in enhancing air quality while ensuring energy efficiency. Units are optimized to perfect air filtration and temperature control, maintaining a comfortable and safe environment while reducing energy consumption. This balance is pivotal in the eco-aware landscape, a benchmark consistently achieved by Alliance Air Products.

For facilities that need to upgrade their existing systems, Alliance Air Products offers retrofit solutions that integrate with current infrastructure seamlessly. Alliance Air Handlers are adaptable, promising easy installation and minimal disruption. This is especially valuable in sectors where downtime can have significant consequences, such as in healthcare and education.

Alliance Air Products’ dedication to customer support sets a high standard. From initial consultation to after-sales service, Alliance Air Products’ team is committed to the success of every project. Choosing Alliance Air Handlers means partnering with a leader in delivering air handling excellence.

Since its inception in 2004, Alliance Air Products has been a leader in the custom air handler industry. Based in San Diego, California, Alliance Air Products has grown from a small team of passionate engineers to a robust organization with a significant workforce. The 230,000+ sq ft factory is a testament to Alliance Air Products’ commitment to quality and innovation in air handling solutions.

Alliance Air Products’ mission is to redefine air handling through custom solutions that meet the diverse needs of clients. Alliance Air Products is committed to delivering products that perform to the highest standards and contribute to creating healthier and more efficient environments. A commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction drives every air handler designed and manufactured by Alliance Air Products.

Allaince Air Products Has Solutions for These Industries and More:

Installation/Usage Information

Alliance Air Products’ custom air handlers are designed for ease of installation, ensuring a smooth and efficient integration into any building’s HVAC system. Units come with comprehensive installation guides and can be fitted into a variety of spaces, accommodating even the most challenging architectural layouts. For further assistance, detailed installation videos and technical support are provided by Alliance Air Products.

Once installed, Alliance Air Handlers deliver exceptional performance with minimal maintenance requirements. The design of each unit is optimized for easy access to components, simplifying routine checks and servicing. This focus on user-friendly operation and maintenance ensures that Alliance Air Handlers continue to deliver optimal air quality and efficiency long after installation.

Featured Alliance Project

Heron's Hill

Toronto, Ontario

The Challenge

The Heron’s Hill office complex, a premier business hub comprising two A-class office buildings and a parking facility in North Toronto, was in need of a significant upgrade to its pumping systems. Despite its strategic location with easy access to major highways and the amenities of North Toronto, the complex faced the challenge of outdated pump technology. This not only led to excessive energy consumption but also failed to align with the City of Toronto’s strategic plan, Consumers Next, aiming for better connectivity and efficiency in the region.

The Solution

In a strategic move, Hart Pumps, under the guidance of John Haylock, Head of Community Operations at Taylor+, initiated an upgrade of the facility’s pumps. Utilizing Armstrong’s advanced Design Envelope technology, the project involved replacing the old pumps with two state-of-the-art 6800 Design Envelope Booster systems. John’s extensive industry experience and confidence in the quality of equipment and installation services provided by Hart Pumps were key in making this transition.

The Outcome

The results of this upgrade were remarkable. An initial assessment using Armstrong’s epic retrofit estimating tool revealed that the former booster sets consumed a staggering 45,000 kWh annually. Post-upgrade, the 6800 Design Envelope booster sets were expected to cut this down to under 25,000 kWh. However, they surpassed all expectations by reducing energy consumption to an impressive 10,800 kWh per year, marking a 76% decrease. This phenomenal reduction is projected to yield annual cost savings of about $4,400 per pump set, significantly benefiting the office complex.

Key Takeaways

  • Remarkable energy savings with a 76% reduction in consumption, far exceeding initial estimates.
  • Annual cost savings of approximately $4,400 per pump set, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Alignment with the city’s strategic plan for improved energy efficiency and connectivity.
  • Successful implementation of cutting-edge technology in a major commercial facility, setting a precedent for future upgrades.

Elevating HVAC Design with Alliance Air Products

Master the Art of Custom Air Systems

Learn the essentials of custom HVAC system design from the experts. Enhance your knowledge and skills in air management with Alliance Air Products.

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Frequently Asked Alliance Questions:

Alliance Air Products designs air handlers based on specific environmental requirements, considering factors like space constraints, air quality needs, and energy efficiency goals.

Alliance’s air handlers are rated for high energy efficiency, utilizing advanced technologies to minimize power consumption while maintaining optimal air quality.

Yes, Alliance air handlers are designed for easy integration with existing HVAC systems, offering flexibility in installation and operation.

Regular maintenance for Alliance air handlers includes filter changes, component inspections, and cleaning to ensure efficient and reliable operation.

Alliance air handlers are versatile and can be used in both commercial and residential settings, providing customized air handling solutions for a variety of environments.

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