Dehumidification Solutions for Air Handling Units

Turn Low-Quality and Humid Air Into Precise Temperature and Humidity Control

Altaire dehumidification systems help your air handler unit deliver maximum indoor air quality with low operational costs and energy consumption, solving any humidification problems in your HVAC system and creating a safe environment for building occupants.

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Older units delivering low-quality air and high humidity increase energy consumption and threaten occupants’ comfort and health. Moldy coils due to condensation build-up affect air temperature, operational costs, the lifetime of the equipment, and the environment, causing uncalculated losses.

Low-quality air

High levels of humidity

Moldy coils due to condensation build-up

High levels of humidity

Poor air handler operation

When a facility has critical HVAC needs and requires precise temperature and humidity control, the air handler unit needs to perform like no other, delivering air at optimized temperature and humidity levels.

Altaire’s ADAPT units are turbo boosters that pretreat the air before it reaches the air handler, separating the moisture load of the outside air to deliver indoor air quality. Each unit is configured to manage 100% of dehumidification loads, enabling air handlers to maintain the desired supply air temperature without high levels of condensation that lead to biological growth. Altaire ADAPT units are the perfect solution for markets that require precise air quality control, such as healthcare, pharmaceutical, hospitality, education, manufacturing, and commercial office. They are the best option for when you have an older air handler or for when you decide to operate with a smaller air handler due to cost or footprint.

Precise temperature and humidity control

Low operation cost and optimized energy consumption

Easy installation: attaches to the same chiller water supply that the AHU

Improved occupants’ comfort and reduced environmental impact

Increased AHU lifetime

100% marine-grade aluminum and 316 stainless steel cabinet construction along with salt-spray coated coils: reduce maintenance requirements.

Small footprint with site-built capability: quick and easy installation.

Integrated chilled water heat recovery: ensures proper desaturation of delivered air while reducing chilled water loads.

Fully engineered on-board controls (Tridium, Niagara and BACnet protocols): enhances performance.

On-board air flow measurement and alarming: ensures the proper outdoor air flows are being delivered.

High-efficiency MERV 14 air filtration: improves air quality and reduces loading on existing air handler air filters.

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