The global applications for industrial heat exchangers calls for a wide and deep product range, putting a great demand on the equipment. SPX FLOW’s portfolio of APV ParaFlow is designed to match your needs, whether this is for very small flows, or the extra-large kind, up to 4500 m3/h. With their selection of materials, connections, and accessories, APV can supply equipment for practically every heat transfer need. The ParaWeld and Paramine technologies expand the boundaries for gasketed plate heat exchangers.


HVAC Process Industries

SPX FLOW offers a targeted and competitive HVAC-concept consisting of economic and efficient heat exchanger solutions. The heat exchangers are available in several different sizes matching all customer requirements.

Typical Applications Include:

  • Fee cooling
  • Heat recovery
  • Water source heat pump
  • Thermal Storage
  • Pressure Inceptor
  • District heating and cooling

Benefits of using APV Heat Exchangers:

  • Reduced operating and maintenance costs Compact size
  • Modular design facilitates installation in areas where space is limited
  • Flow rates up to 21,000 GPM (per single exchanger)
  • Design pressures to 450 PSIG
  • High-efficiency design for smaller heat exchangers with lower pressure drops
  • Computerized thermal rating optimizes plate types for maximum efficiency
  • Full ASME code compliance

Advantages of Plate vs. Tubular Heat Exchangers:

High heat transfer:

  • Film coefficients three-to-five times greater
  • Efficient operation with up to 95% heat recovery or regeneration
  • Low liquid hold-up enables faster reaction times to change in process
  • Fluids flow counter-current to each other between the parallel passages in each pass

Economical and compact:

  • Reduces floor space by up to 90%, weighs less and delivers higher performance
  • Lower hold-up volume minimizes the amount of product required for flooding, reduces usage of high-cost service fluids and improves thermal reaction time
  • Reduced capital costs and installation expenses
  • Saves you time and money on maintenance
  • High-energy recovery reduces energy costs


  • Efficient design of heat transfer area reduces fouling caused by dirt and debris
  • Simplified cleaning and plate accessibility
  • Designed for use of effective CIP, removing of chemical films or scaling deposits


  • Full access to both sides of the heat-transfer surface for inspection, maintenance, and cleaning
  • Access is readily accomplished within the installed space of the unit


  • Modular design enables expansion of your heat exchanger as process requirements grow
  • Handles multiple duties and fluid streams in a single unit
  • Easily reconfigured to meet changing process needs
  • Wide variety of sizes and styles ensuring optimal solutions for your applications

APV Paraflow:

Gasket APV plate heat exchangers. SPX FLOW offers one of the widest ParaFlow plate portfolios in the market offering solutions for almost any HVAC application.


  • Competitive frame range prices
  • Compact design
  • Superior heat transfer efficiency
  • Easy to Clean
  • Glue-free gaskets

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, SPX FLOW, Inc. is a leading global supplier of highly engineered flow components, process equipment and turn-key systems, along with the related aftermarket parts and after sales service. The company serves the food and beverage, power and energy and industrial end markets with approximately $2.5 billion in annual revenue, operations in more than 35 countries, sales in over 150 countries and 8,000 employees. For more information, including details about the spin-off from SPX Corporation, please visit