Making Energy Make Sense

Fixed-speed pumps are over, or at least should be. That’s because they don’t operate considering the changes that happen in an operating system, wasting a ton of unnecessary energy.

The Armstrong pump understands all the slight changes that are constantly occurring in flow and pressure in a building, and automatically adapts to them, generating thousands of dollars in energy savings every year.

With our expertise in fluid flow, heat transfer, variable speed, and demand-based control, Armstrong Fluid Technology leads the fluid systems industry, including hvacplumbing, and fire safety in providing the most energy efficient and cost effective solutions to building professionals and owners around the globe.

What is Design Envelope?

Design Envelope technology combines the largest high-efficiency operating range with Sensorless, demand-based control for optimal performance. The size of the (high-efficiency) operating range safeguards your HVAC design or installation against changes in specifications, site conditions and tenant makeup. We call it “future-proofing” the building. It helps reduce the risk of costly redesigns, onsite modifications, or system underperformance.

Sensorless, demand-based control allows the pumps to respond to the fluid flow demands of the HVAC system, moment by moment, providing the exact flow rate required. The heating and cooling demands of the building are met. And energy usage is sharply reduced.

Vertical Inline Pumps

Vertical in-line pumps are the ideal choice for small operating rooms because they don’t require inertia bases that take a lot of space or flex connectors and grout and alignment. In addition, they are easier to install and maintain, they offer increased reliability because the pumps runs vibration-free, and they reduce energy costs because less piping equals an average of 37% less friction loss compared to base-mounted pumps.

If you have an existing constant speed Armstrong Vertical in-line pump or even a base mounted pump, we have good news: a retrofit to an Armstrong Design Envelope Vertical In-line pump utilizing the existing casing and replacing all other components is possible.

Pipe-mounted with integrated intelligent controls for continued space savings and superior energy performance, this solution will save up to 70% in energy compared to a traditional constant speed pump installations.

Design envelope pump is the pump of the future, and the future is now!

Pump Manager

Pump Manager is a cloud-based performance management service that takes advantage of the built-in connectivity of the Armstrong Controller in the Design Envelope Pumps to deliver insight in real time.

If you work in the field, imagine adding another person to your team that could monitor 24/7 your pump operation and adjust the settings accordingly.

The Pump Manager proactively tracks and manages pump performance and provides early diagnostic warnings, web-accessible trends, and analysis along with automated reports.

Pump Manager helps customers make informed decisions and take immediate action to deliver the best possible HVAC performance.

Here are just some of the main benefits of the Pump Manager:

  • Detect problems earlier and automatically inform users before the problems lead to failures
  • Continuously optimize equipment operation and eliminate energy drift to realize up to 30% in pump energy savings
  • Have visibility into equipment operation, energy savings and the impact on carbon footprint
  • Actively manage pumping and fluid flow systems for sustained building resiliency
  • Use insights from load profiles to help building operators easily identify when loads don’t match the current level of occupancy
  • Keep fluid flow in the desired range and reduce temperature swings
  • Provide industry leading analytics and pump specific insights such as Dead Head, Cavitation, and Broken Coupling
  • Provide Automated Fault Detection & Diagnostics capabilities to diagnose and predict pump faults such as leaking mechanical seals, failing or completely ceased bearings

With Armstrong VIL Design Envelope and Pump Manager operating together in a facility, savings can add up to 70%.

What are you waiting for to save more money than ever?

To learn more about Armstrong and its solutions, visit the company’s website.