Author: Brian Gomski

Brian's background started in design, web and art direction, his interest quickly became marketing. It's the perfect hybrid between creative and business. In a world where you have to hire a marketer and then designers/programmers to execute, he can do it all. Through thousands of hours of study and execution, he became proficient at creating effective content, digital marketing, growth hacking, branding, video, design, copywriting, event planning and more. Results from real-world experience have delivered better leads, higher revenues, top search results and lasting impressions for top brands throughout the world.

Behind the Scenes with SPX: How Does a 100-year-old Company Still Drive HVAC Innovation?

cooling tower innovation

“Innovation is the outcome of a habit, not a random act.”

Sukan Ratnakar

In the 5th episode of our Engineering Tomorrow podcast, we hosted a very special guest who is an expert in cooling towers. His name is Ryan Miller, Regional Sales Manager at SPX Cooling Technologies.

Ryan clarifies what a cooling tower is, the history of Marley cooling towers and the relationship between Marley and SPX brands, then dives into one of our favorite topics to discuss: innovation.

The Thrilling World of VAV Boxes

vav boxes

Buildings’ conditions change due to numerous factors such as occupancy, external weather conditions, and room sizes. Therefore, the amount of cool air required to keep the occupants’ comfort and to cool in different zones of a building is usually variant.

That’s the reason why VAV boxes are so important. In the 4th episode of our podcast, Stephen Higgins talks a little bit more about these units.