Clarage is the heavy duty division of Twin City Fan Companies Ltd. The company specializes in designing and manufacturing custom heavy duty fans, axial fans, and dust collectors. With over 140 years of experience, Clarage’s has become the leading manufacturer for many industries and process applications. No matter the size, scope or complexity of your project, Clarage will find the best solution for you. The company offers highly engineered solutions tailored to your exact specifications.


  • The fastest turnaround times in the industry
  • The most experienced project management teams
  • On-time and high quality documentation submittal
  • Management from start to finish
  • Proprietary in-house configuration and engineering software
  • Industry-leading testing services

Product Line

Heavy Duty Centrifugal Fans

The centrifugal fans are designed to tackle a wide range of applications. Whether you have a dirty, abrasive application or are looking for an ultra-efficient fan design, Clarage has a solution for you. Centrifugal fans generally used in power generation, manufacturing and petrochemical industries. Boilers often require high temperature fans, some manufacturing processes require extremely high pressure, and Clarage has fans for any of these situations and others.  The company also designs fans with inlet volume control and a variable frequency drive, increasing the performance of the equipment.

Heavy Duty Axial Fans

The Clarage family of axial fans are custom-designed for specific applications including tunnel and metro, mining, wind tunnels, and the power industry. Each of these applications has different needs, such as smoke control, clean air, or high volume at high pressures. The heavy duty axial fans from Clarage will ensure the best performance for your need.

Tunnel Ventilation Fans

The need for tunnel ventilation is critical in metro, rail or road tunnels throughout the world. Typically the equipment is used for smoke extraction, exhaust fumes control, and to provide standard ventilation. There are three basic types of control that can be utilized: Portal to Portal, Shaft to Shaft and Portal to Shaft. These are used independently or in conjunction with each other. Fans utilized are both Axial, reversible and unidirectional as well as centrifugal. Whatever the installation requires, you will find the best solution for it with Clarage. 

Dust Collectors

Practical uses for Clarage collectors range from helping a system meet its required air quality emission levels, to extending the life of the system’s Induced Draft Fan and connecting ductwork.


Clarage offers three types of dampers: Variable Inlet Vanes, Louvered Dampers, and Butterfly Dampers.

Variable inlet vanes are highly efficient at maintaining volume control, offer more control than box dampers and lower part load power consumption. Clarage designs and manufactures both opposed blade (MLOB) and parallel blade (MLPB) multi-louver dampers. MLOB dampers are commonly used on fan outlets. MLPB dampers, when used on fan inlet boxes, provide increased fan efficiency at reduced loads. Rugged construction is a featured quality of these types of dampers.

To check all industries served by Clarage and all of the applications, and to see all the aftermarket solutions, visit the company’s website.