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Take control of your building's air with the most advanced air cleaning, pathogen busting system in the industry.

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AtmosAir™ technology is the best solution

  • Removes up to 95% of ultrafine particles
  • Up to 70% reduction in required fresh air ventilation
  • Removes up to 90% of volatile organic compounds
  • Saves 30% in HVAC electrical costs

These Are the Effects of Installing AtmosAir™ in a Building

AtmosAir™ gives you measurably better indoor air quality. Our solutions are field and lab tested for real-world results.

They also reduce mold, the spread of airborne viruses, and bacteria that pass through normal filtration systems. As a result, the risk of absenteeism and sick building syndrome is greatly reduced with measurably cleaner air.


  • What is AtmosAir Bi-Polar Ionization?

    AtmosAir Bi-Polar ionization (BPI) is an indoor air purification technology.

    It works by adding a controllable amount of both positive and negative oxygen ions to the supply air of an air handling system. Very simply an ion is an atom or molecule that has gained or lost an electron. Both positive and negative ions exist in the air. By increasing the quantity of charged oxygen ions, air quality is improved to ‘fresh air’ levels.

  • How does AtmosAir™ work against various bacteria, viruses, and germs.

    AtmosAir positive and negative ions surround the hemagglutinin (surface proteins that form on organisms and trigger infections) and change into highly reactive OH groups called hydroxyl radicals.

    These take a hydrogen molecule from the hemagglutinin and change into water (H2O). The ions destroy the virus surface structure, for example its envelopes and spikes, on a molecular level. As a result, the virus cannot infect even if it enters the body.

  • How does AtmosAir reduce particulate matter (PM)?

    Oppositely charged AtmosAir bi polar air ions cause particles to attract to other particles and become bigger and heavier, by a process called “agglomeration”.

    These bigger heavier particles can now be better trapped by HVAC system filters so the filters operate more efficiently. Many small particles that are generated within a space by people and their activities may never get to system filters and ordinarily stay suspended in air for long periods and can be breathed in, increasing the chance of illness and respiratory distress. The AtmosAir bipolar ion process will drop these to the floor quickly taking them away from where we breathe.

  • Does AtmosAir really work?

    Yes, hundreds of references to BPI effectiveness can be found in published literature.

    AtmosAir has been third party tested by the likes of UL, ETL, ATL Laboratories, Microchem Laboratories, and various respected laboratories. AtmosAir Bi Polar Ionization has been used worldwide.

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