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As Marley’s oldest rep, we’ve been building, installing, repairing and
reconstructing cooling towers for almost 100 years.


Tired of poor service, inneficient or cheap replacement parts? We only source reliable parts and equipment for all makes, models and sizes of cooling towers. Our service team and in-house staff are bar none. We respond quickly and get your project done right the first time.

cooling towers

Price a New Marley® Tower Now!

Cooling tower technology is always advancing. Whether you are looking to replace an existing tower or add one, we can give you the best option to fit any budget.

Save money with high efficiency towers

New towers have ultra low drift

Quick Installation

Long lasting stainless steel towers available

Lower maintenance


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Marley® Geareducer® Gearbox Oil Change

Jerome Jennings walks through the process of changing the oil in your Marley® Geareducer® cooling tower gearbox.

Cooling Tower Gear Drives Vs. Belt Drives

Jerome Jennings discusses the benefits of using a Marley® Geareducer® gear drive over a belt drive in your cooling tower.

Marley NCWD Cooling Tower Lift

The NCWD is an innovative, patented factory assembled hybrid cooling tower designed specifically for plume reduction. Watch as the NCWD is lifted in London, England.

Download The Ultimate Cooling Tower Guides Now

We've put together our best material just for you. With these guides you will master the cooling tower in no time.

Cooling Tower Fundamentals

The complete guide to understand all the cooling towers basics, including its structural, mechanical, and electrical components, and specialized tower usage and performance testing. A must-have document.

Classifying Cooling Towers

There are four different ways of classifying cooling towers: by manufacture type, by draft type, by air movement, and by air/water contact type. Click to learn more.

Tower Energy Management

This thermal science report describe how fans and pumps can be utilized to reduce cooling tower energy consumption. Click to learn more.


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