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Excessive humidity is the biggest enemy of indoor climates. High levels of humidity not only impact comfort by cancelling out the cooling effect, but also create the ideal environment for mold and mildew to grow and thrive, reducing indoor air quality.

High moisture and poor IAQ can aggravate respiratory ailments in buildings, shorten equipment life cycle, or decimate entire crops in indoor grow rooms, posing a health and a financial threat to occupants, building owners, and indoor farmers. 

Desert Aire has been developing solutions to remove excessive moisture in HVAC applications since 1978, and today they are the leading manufacturer of high performance, energy-efficient, refrigeration-based dehumidifiers and dedicated outdoor air systems. Desert Aire’s ingenuity has enabled them to address important dehumidification issues such as ASHRAE Standard 62 and IAQ, as well as energy recovery systems and energy savings.

While they began over 30 years ago by designing and building dehumidifiers for indoor pool rooms, Desert Aire has expanded their product lines and solutions to include equipment for use in a wide variety of applications such as ice rinks, water and wastewater treatment plants, office buildings, schools, universities, and more recently, indoor grow rooms.

Located in Germantown, Wisconsin, the dedicated staff works diligently to ensure that each unit is built and tested to meet your unique specifications.

Indoor Pool Dehumidification Systems

ASHRAE recommends that the relative humidity in an indoor pools stays between 50% and 60%. However, the heating, cooling and moisture loads of an indoor pool varies according to outdoor air temperature and humidity, solar gains and losses, and the presence of spectators and bleacher areas, which makes it challenging to achieve the desired results.

In addition, lower relative humidity increases operation costs due to increased evaporation and can lead to swimmer discomfort due to evaporative cooling from their bodies when exiting the pool, while higher relative humidity increases the risk to the building structure.

Desert Aire dehumidifiers control humidity in pool enclosures to counter what is created by evaporation, regardless of outdoor conditions, protecting building structural elements, furnishings, and support systems such as lighting.

The overarching goal in managing heating, cooling and moisture loads is sustainability, meaning to ensure the pool can continue to fulfill the purposes for which it was built in a safe and cost-effective manner.



SelectAire Plus™

Desert Air Indoor Pool Dehumidifier
Desert Aire indoor pool dehumidifier
Desert Aire indoor pool dehumidifier

Desert Aire Dehumidification Systems

Water treatment plants require an LW Series dehumidifier due to their ability to continually remove moisture under low ambient conditions. This series works through a frost/defrost cycle to eliminate the potential seasonal fluctuation in moisture.

Based on the facility, diverse applications must be applied. These applications combine with the flexibility of the unit to regulate the induction of outdoor air making the energy efficiency of the unit increase.

Desert Air Indoor Pool Dehumidifier

The LW Series comes with adjustable thermostat, meaning that if air temperature exceeds the desired set point, the controller will shift the dehumidifier from reheat mode and reject all the energy to the remote condenser, thereby providing sensible cooling to space.

Indoor Grow Room Systems

The ideal growing environment requires equipment and controls that properly maintain temperature and humidity levels, and also air movement. 

When these factors are not properly controlled, moisture can suffocate the plants, preventing them from breathing and also leading to mold, fungus, and mildew, destroying your crops. On top, when the climate is not maintained at the optimal environment the plant growth cycle may be affected, reducing the product yield and impacting your revenue. 

To avoid condensation, many growers add portable dehumidifiers to the room. These units operate independently of the building’s HVAC system, and end up generating heat while removing moisture, forcing farmers to oversize their AC units in an attempt to remove the extra load, draining energy and profits. 

The Desert Aire’s sophisticated GrowAiredehumidification system provides complete climate control and add several key features, including the ability to control the discharge temperature, adjust the dehumidification capacity, and anticipate the changes that quickly occur in an indoor grow room. 

Desert Aire dehumidifier GrowAire

GrowAire provides you with the predictable, stable environment needed to maximize yield, achieve desired results and use energy efficiently, being the proactive approach to avoid any pitfalls when it comes to proper climate control systems.

DOAS Systems

Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems exist for conditioning code ventilation prior to delivery into commercial buildings. They are primarily selected for 1) their ability to remove moisture from the outdoor air and 2) for their ability to heat and cool that air. 

Desert Aire’s DOAS solutions help overcome the moisture load challenges posed by outdoor ventilation air more effectively than others. Superior refrigeration designs provide the desired humidity level and temperature regardless if the outdoor condition is hot and humid, or cool and rainy. Desert Aire DOAS lower the dew point temperature of supply air to below 55° F (note dewpoint is a measurement of absolute moisture in the air), delivering dry that helps absorb existing moisture inside a facility. 

Desert Aire DOAS options allow you to design the highest energy saving solution for your compliance to ASHRAE 62.1 code ventilation requirements for new construction and renovation projects.




Desert Aire dehumidifier Aura
Desert Aire dehumidifier TotalAire
Desert Aire dehumidifier VerticalAire

To learn more about Desert Aire and its solutions, contact us. Our team of engineers can provide you detailed product information and proper solutions by analyzing your application and selecting the Desert Aire unit to meet your dehumidification needs.