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The Problem with Traditional Flue.

Tired of dealing with multiple suppliers, complicated installations, and systems that don’t meet safety standards? You’re not alone.

Traditional venting systems are a logistical nightmare, often leading to inefficiencies, safety risks, and hidden costs.

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At Last, Venting Made Easy!

Say goodbye to these headaches with ENERVEX’s Ultimate Venting System. This is a one-stop solution that takes care of everything from the boiler outlet to termination. Designed for both condensing and non-condensing applications, our system guarantees performance while offering unprecedented design flexibility.

With ENERVEX, You'll Experience:

Single-Supplier Responsibility

No more juggling between different suppliers.

Design Flexibility

Tailor-made solutions for any application.

Easier Installation

Cut down on lead times and guesswork.

Aesthetics and Space-Saving

Compact and visually appealing designs.

Safety and Code Compliance

Sleep easy knowing you're in safe hands.

Aesthetics and Space-Saving

Compact and visually appealing designs.

Reduced Costs

Lower administrative, logistics, and material costs.

Guaranteed Performance

We stand by our system's efficiency.


A champion in green building initiatives.

Economic Savings

Proven material and energy savings.

High-Quality Products

Only the best components make the cut.

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In a sector where the multiplicity of suppliers often results in hassles and escalated costs, ENERVEX stands as a beacon of convenience offering tailor-made, one-stop solutions for both condensing and non-condensing setups. This commitment goes beyond mere promises; it’s a guaranteed performance that comes with quick and seamless installation processes, ushering in not just a product but a sustainable future anchored on green building initiatives.

Safety and aesthetics are not compromised for efficiency in ENERVEX’s approach. Every system conforms to safety and code regulations, promising not only peace of mind but also substantial economic savings validated by our case studies. Moreover, the compact and visually pleasing design of our systems ensures that you are investing in a solution that harmoniously blends efficiency with aesthetics, elevating the value and appeal of your venting system.

About Enervex

Enervex is a company that provides complete exhaust solutions for various applications, such as boilers, generators, ovens, fireplaces, and more. The company combines exhaust/chimney system, mechanical exhaust, and heat recovery to offer integrated and energy-efficient solutions for any project. Enervex has been in business since 1990 and operates in several regions including the US, Canada, Central America and the Middle East.

The company has a team of experts in sales, engineering, design, production, and logistics who are committed to delivering high-quality products and services to their customer. Enervex also has a strong focus on innovation and sustainability, as it develops new products that reduce emissions, save energy, and improve performance. Some of the products that Enervex offers are PowerStack EPSC, a special gas vent system designed with the installer in mind; EcoDamper System, a demand-controlled exhaust system for fireplaces; and FanModulation System, a variable speed control system for boilers.

Enervex Is An Ideal Flue Solution For:

How Do You Get Enervex the Ultimate Venting System Installed in Your Building?

First and foremost, we’ll engage in a detailed conversation about your building’s specifications and your current heating or venting systems. Understanding the intricacies of your infrastructure allows us to tailor the perfect ENERVEX solution for you.

Depending on the complexity and size of your facility, a site visit by our team might be recommended. This hands-on approach ensures that we account for every detail, from space constraints to airflow dynamics.

Once we’ve gathered all the necessary information, we’ll suggest the ideal number and type of ENERVEX components for your unique space. Our recommendations take into account the best practices in the industry, ensuring optimal performance and energy efficiency.

For those who desire a more integrated experience, our systems can be seamlessly connected to existing building management systems (BMS). However, if your building lacks a BMS, worry not! Our intuitive EnervexControl interface offers real-time monitoring and easy adjustments, ensuring that you’re always in command of your venting environment.

Featured Enervex Project

Heinz Stadium

Pittsburgh , PA

The Heinz Field Project in Pittsburgh, PA:

Heinz Field, a landmark in Pittsburgh, embarked on a complex venture that required an intricate field heating system. This system, characterized by its extensive horizontal runs, boasts a significant number of elbows and is powered by eight Thermal Solution EVH-2000 condensing boilers. Complementing this, the stadium also integrated a domestic water heater system. Designed with both horizontal and vertical configurations and numerous elbows, this system is sustained by two A.O. Smith 4,000MBH water heaters. The project posed unique challenges, with its many directional shifts and the need for a streamlined venting solution.


The ENERVEX Approach:

Responding to Heinz Field’s bespoke needs, ENERVEX presented tailored solutions. For the expansive field heating system, we implemented a multi-fan demand-controlled Mechanical Draft System, ensuring optimal venting even with the system’s complexity. The domestic water heater system, with its distinct vertical and horizontal runs, was equipped with a Termination-mounted demand-controlled Mechanical Draft System. Additionally, two water heaters located on the concourse levels were seamlessly integrated with our signature demand-controlled Mechanical Draft Systems, ensuring consistent performance and efficiency across all systems.

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Unlock the Secrets of Draft Control

End the Debate: Get the Definitive Answer on Manual Dampers Now!

Clear the fog surrounding the use of manual dampers in multiple-boiler systems. From code compliance to maximum efficiency, our whitepaper tells you exactly what you need to know.

Frequently Asked Enervex Questions

They offer a range of exhaust solutions and heat recovery systems for the process and food industry. ENERVEX provides complete exhaust solutions by combining exhaust/chimney system, mechanical exhaust, and heat recovery needed to complete a project.


The Ultimate Venting System (UVS) is one of ENERVEX’s most comprehensive venting solutions for boilers and water heaters. The UVS is a modular system that combines all the products and accessories needed to complete a project, including a mechanical draft system, modulating overdraft control system, modulating combustion air supply system, economizer (vortex heat recovery system), and PowerStack chimney system. The UVS is designed to eliminate the guesswork in the design process and support runaround of traditional venting systems.


ENERVEX also provides a full line of listed, fully integrated residential venting systems for a truly one-stop design. All products are manufactured by one manufacturer, which means their systems will work together seamlessly.

No. The temperature inside the flue can become extreme and cause the wire to melt, so you may not run the wire inside the flue. You may want to consult with your electrician.

The ENERVEX Chimney Fans are covered by extensive warranties: A 2-year factory warranty and a 10-year corrosion perforation warranty.

ENERVEX is a supplier of mechanical draft systems and integrated venting design solutions. They offer a range of exhaust solutions and heat recovery systems for the process and food industry. ENERVEX provides complete exhaust solutions by combining exhaust/chimney system, mechanical exhaust, and heat recovery needed to complete a project.

The intelligent, demand-controlled exhaust systems deliver perfect draft at all times by constantly adjusting exhaust, combustion air, and heat recovery based on real-time demand. This results in reduced CO2 emissions, fuel savings of 5-10% annually, materials & labor savings with combined chimneys & smaller diameters, ability to hide chimney terminations & large air louvers, redundancy for critical installations, and improved boiler room safety with CO monitoring.

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