Chemical-Free Water Treatment System

Treat Your Entire System and Eliminate Bacteria With Chemical-Free Water Treatment

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Dangers and Disadvantages of Chemical Outdated Water Treatment Systems

Traditional chemical water systems are complex and ineffective if not carefully maintained. Chemicals are highly toxic, and handling and storing them is dangerous. Chemical water treatment products are also expensive, and you are constantly repurchasing them because they do not offer a definite solution. On top of it, chamber systems were known to be the non-chemical water treatment industry standard for years. However, this concept is flawed as the water is only treated as it flows through the system.

Complex and innefective water treatment

Expensive and highly toxic chemical products

Water waste due to increased cycles of concentration

Expensive and highly toxic chemical products

System affected by biofilm, scale, and corrosion

You need a safer, simple, and definite solution that will eliminate the hassle of dealing with chemicals and treat your system more effectively, regardless of flow.

Safe, Effective, and Long-Term Solution With ZERO Chemicals

Flow-Tech Systems has invented a proprietary method of treating all of the water throughout your plumbing system, whether the water is moving or not. The method increases operational efficiencies by reducing microbial contamination, potential health and safety problems, corrosion, and scale deposition, and it also eliminates the need for ion exchange water softeners and all other chemical treatment programs, being the ultimate green choice for water treatment. The system generates a weak AC current, and this electric field is conducted into the water loop header and throughout the piping network to form homogeneous calcium seed crystals that simply remain in suspension. These suspended seed crystals eventually settle out or pass through the system without adhering to the heated surfaces.

Increases system efficiency by eliminating operational deficiencies and equipment damage that result from scale, bacteria, and corrosion

Increases water savings with reduced blowdown, reusing water for irrigation, displacing potable water, and eliminating discharge fees

Eliminates the ordering, moving, storage, handling, and potential injury and environmental risk of toxic chemicals

Increases productivity by reducing system downtime and labor spent on maintenance

Reduces water usage, and reduce municipality and environmental impact, contributing for LEED certification

Key Features of Flow-Tech

Simple, non-invasive installation: no need to cut pipes


Measurable signal strength throughout your entire plumbing system, regardless of flow

Safely operate cooling towers with a higher level of CaCO₃, a natural cathodic corrosion inhibitor

Pulsing thousands of times per second, Flow-Tech’ leaves no ion or bacteria untouched

More Information

Full Scale Control

Biological Control

Encapsulation & Electroporation

Corrosion Control

Full Scale Control

Flow-Tech controls scale deposit through thermodynamic equilibrium. When the water in the process fluid is in a supersaturated state, pressure drop and temperature changes lead to precipitation.

Flow-Tech allows billions of small nucleation sites to form throughout the system. When super saturation occurs, these sites precipitate and form homogenous clusters that remain in suspension and do not attach to surfaces.

Biological Control

In 2009, ASHRAE commissioned a study through the University of Pittsburgh. A protocol was established to evaluate chemical-free water treatment systems and their effectiveness in controlling biofilm in cool water systems.

The initial test evaluated the industry-leading brand name systems using magnetic, electrostatic, ultrasound, and cavitation. None of these devices showed the ability to control microbial growth rates compared to the control. ​

In 2012, an evaluation was commissioned to test Flow-Tech using the same protocol at the University of Pittsburgh. A 98% reduction of biofilm was achieved against the control. ​ Flow-Tech is the only chemical-free system to have passed this test to date.

Encapsulation & Electroporation

Flow-tech controls biologics with two methods: encapsulation and electroporation.

With encapsulation, the bacteria becomes encrusted in the precipitate that is now staying in suspension due to Flow-Tech signal. Once encrusted, bacteria cannot reproduce and are ultimately removed via blowdown or filtration.

​With electroporation, Flow-Tech’s propagating signal creates small holes in the cell walls. Now damaged, the bacteria will spend the rest of its life healing instead of reproducing.

Corrosion Control

Flow-Tech allows the operator to change the environment in which you can safely operate cooling towers with a higher level of CaCO₃, a natural cathodic corrosion inhibitor.

With low bacteria counts and a lack of biofilm, Microbial Induced Corrosion (MIC) can be reduced, while chemically induced corrosion can be avoided by eliminating corrosive oxidizing biocides. Finally, by managing cycles of concentration, chloride pitting can be successfully avoided with the implementation of Flow-Tech.