GeoComfort geothermal heat pumps is a complete line of commercial heat pumps that meet the needs of reliable, efficient and affordable heating and cooling solutions for industrial, institutional and commercial settings. need to be reliable.

GeoComfort Geothermal Heat Pumps

geocomfort geothermal heat pumps

GeoComfort’s focus on continuous improvement and quality control make reliability one of the greatest assets of our products. The innovative features you’ll find in our equipment today started with a single goal in mind — to solve a problem — to be more efficient, quieter, smaller, easier to install, easier to service and to last longer.

No matter what your application, look to GeoComfort geothermal as the best choice for commercial heating and cooling solutions.

Product Line

  • Compact Single or Two-Stage Horizontal Packaged Unit | GZS/GZT: features a smaller footprint to fit between 24” O.C. trussing. The unit is field convertible for side or end discharge.
  • Compact Single or Two-Stage Vertical Packaged Unit | GVS/GVT: provides forced-air heating and cooling with outstanding performance, whisper-quiet operation and a small footprint. Available in single and two-stage configuration, in a variety of tonnages and voltages to fit any installation.
  • Multi-Positional Two-Stage Vertical Packaged Unit | GYT: delivers ducted, forced-air heating and cooling. YT models are among the most efficient models and feature whisper-quiet operation. An innovative multi-positional cabinet is field convertible to right or left return with top or side discharge.
  • Multi-Positional Two-Stage Vertical Packaged Unit | GXT: forced-air heating and cooling system that has high performance and built-in versatility. The innovative multipositional cabinet is field convertible to upflow/downflow with right or left return and makes the XT easy to install and stock.
  • Two-Stage Water-to-Water Unit | GWT: designed to supply heated or chilled water for use in a wide range of heating and cooling applications, including radiant floor heating. These hydronic systems allow for constant and uniform heat distribution that eliminates hot and cold spots. The system is also reversible and capable of providing chilled water for air conditioning.
  • Single-Stage Water-to-Water Unit | GWS: designed to supply heated or chilled water for use in a wide range of heating and cooling applications, including radiant floor heating. These systems utilize brazed-plate heat exchangers for superior efficiency.
  • Two-Stage Water-to-Water Unit | GWD: features dual compressors to provide two-stage heating and cooling. GeoComfort large hydronic models supply heated or chilled water for various applications, including radiant floor heating. These systems utilize brazed-plate heat exchangers for superior efficiency.
  • Single and Two-Stage Indoor Split Unit | GBS/GBT: built on a legacy of innovation and improvement. This unit was redesigned from the ground up, incorporating the best elements from newest models into a compact, efficient and ultra-quiet system. The new split system is incredibly versatile, making it well suited for both new construction and replacement applications.
  • Two-Stage Outdoor Split Unit | GRT: has a space-saving footprint making it an excellent choice for applications with limited clearance. The unit can be used alone or added to a conventional heating/cooling system.
  • Multi-Positional Two-Stage Vertical Combination Unit | GCT: flexibility to provide forced air heating, forced air cooling, and hot water for radiant floor heating.
  • Console Water-to-Air Unit | ERC: provide a high-efficiency ductless solution for spaces where individual, quiet control of the heating and cooling system is important. The Console Series exceeds ASHRAE 90.1 efficiencies, yet maintains small cabinet dimensions. The Console Series is an excellent choice for water loop or geothermal applications and has no through-the-wall penetrations.
  • Compact Large Water-to-Air Unit | ECH/ECV: with many sizes available from six through 25 tons and multiple cabinet configurations, the Compact Series offers a wide range of units for most any installation. The Compact Series has an extended range refrigerant circuit, capable of geothermal applications, as well as boiler tower applications. Microprocessor controls, galvanized steel cabinets, and high-efficiency scroll compressors are just some of the standard features of the flexible Compact Series.
  • Large Vertical Water-to-Air Unit | ELV: raises the bar for water-source heat pump efficiencies, features, and application flexibility. Not only does the Large Vertical Series exceed ASHRAE 90.1 efficiencies, but it also uses R-410A zero ozone depletion refrigerant, making it an extremely environmentally-friendly option. The Large Vertical Series has many options and configurations to fit most applications.
  • Rooftop Water-to-Air Unit | ERE: provides an economical solution for today’s HVAC challenges. The Rooftop Series can introduce a fixed amount of outside air year-round or a modulating Economizer can provide free cooling when outdoor conditions are favorable. Designed for an extended range of source water temperatures, making it suitable for closed-loop, or ground source closed-loop systems. With high-efficiency scroll compressors and belt drive motors, the rooftop series exceeds ASHRAE 90.1 efficiencies.
  • Dry Fluid Cooler Fluid-to-Air Heat Exchanger: the ultimate low-cost solution for excessive ground loop temperatures. Designed for outdoor installation, the fluid cooler is ideal for use with closed-loop systems in cooling dominant climates and for stand-alone water source heat pumps.

Company Philosophy


When Enertech Global, LCC first began in 1996, it was with one simple philosophy: people come first.

Since that day, that’s exactly what they have been doing through great brands and products such as GeoComfort. As a people-centric company, we believe in family values, loyalty beyond reason, assurance in quality craftsmanship, and making the world a better place. That’s our roadmap, carefully guiding every decision we make. In fact, it’s more than just what we believe; It’s simply who we are.

To learn more about Geothermal and its products, and to download the full catalogue, visit their website here.