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Greater design flexibility. Increased application opportunities. A new level of system control.

​Hitachi VRF Systems: Technology that Takes Performance to a Whole New Level.

Hitachi is the third largest VRF system manufacturer in the world.

Johnson Controls has invested $2.8B in acquiring 60% of Hitachi Air-Conditioning division, bringing to the North American market the best of both worlds: unmet VRF technology from a global VRF manufacturer via one of the most respected manufacturers of conventional HVAC systems and controls.

Johnson Controls has recently launched the Hitachi Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Gen II, the second generation of VRF HVAC equipment for the North American market.

Why Hitachi VRF is top 3 globally?

  • Unmet efficiency: exceptional efficiency with an average of up to 39% energy savings for some applications compared to conventional HVAC systems.
  • High customization: flexibility to specify a customized modular system to the exacting requirements of each project, with options that include heat pump and heat recovery systems and a host of fan coil options.
  • Engineering freedom: enable designers to choose ducted systems with short or long runs, or non-ducted systems that require much lower clearance between building floors (and reduce construction costs as a result).
  • Quiet operation: Impressively quiet comfort, with control to deliver precisely the correct amount of heating or cooling to each zone.

VRF Systems: The Fastest Growing Segment in the HVAC Market.

Variable Refrigerant Flow systems are becoming more and more popular in the United States as the demand for zoning systems, green solutions, and energy-efficiency keep growing. In fact, VRF systems are the fastest growing segment in the American HVAC market.


VRF systems effectively balances comfort and efficiency in buildings by delivering just the right amount of heating and cooling to every space.

VRF technology achieves this balance by using DC inverter scroll compressors to save energy and avoid the wear and tear of frequent cycling. These compressors improve air conditioning efficiency by modulating refrigerant delivery to each specific zone to meet demand, and are capable of transferring heat from one zone to the other.

Hitachi VRF New Generation: the most flexible and energy-efficient HVAC solution just got better.

Hitachi VRF builds upon the game-changing innovations that make variable refrigerant flow systems the most flexible and energy-efficient HVAC solutions in the world.

With an expanded, re-engineered equipment line and groundbreaking technology, Hitachi VRF Gen II offers greater performance, more design freedom, new business opportunities and exceptional control.

Advanced technology enables cooling when the ambient outdoor temperature is as low as -10°F or as high as 122°F (-10°F – 75°F in simultaneous heating and cooling mode) — and heating when the ambient outdoor temperature is -13°F to 59°F (-11°F - 59°F in simultaneous heating and cooling mode).

VRF Systems: The Fastest Growing Segment in the HVAC Market.

  • Hitachi VRF systems rank impressively high in the ratings that matter most for VRF technology: simultaneous cooling and heating efficiency (SCHE) and integrated energy efficiency ratio (IEER). 
  • SCHE applies to VRF systems with energy recovery features. It is defined as the ratio of a system’s total capacity (heating and cooling) to the effective power consumption. 
  • Hitachi VRF systems carry SCHE ratings as high as 32.2.
  • IEER expresses cooling efficiency based on weighted operation at various part-load conditions.
  • Hitachi VRF systems carry IEER ratings as high as 26.5.
  • The Coefficient of Performance (COP) ratio expresses the efficiency of a heat pump while in heating mode. COP rating according to AHRI is calculated at two different ambient temperatures, 47°F and 17°F.
  • Hitachi has COP 47°F and COP 17°F values up to 4.25 and 2.78, respectively.

Hitachi Water Source VRF Heat Pump: Premium Solution Where Space is at a Premium

With high-rise condos, apartments, and office buildings becoming smaller and more popular over time, the need for compact and exceptionally energy-efficient systems has increased, requiring manufacturers to develop solutions that provide individualized comfort with maximum design flexibility.

Hitachi Water Source VRF heat pump is optimal where space is valued and placement is challenging – such as coastal areas or extremely cold climates – because units are located indoors. The unit installation is simple even in tight spaces, with top and front piping options.

And flexibility cannot be compared to any other VRF solution available in the market. All VRF indoor units are fully compatible with the new water source systems to meet your design needs.

The unified 6-, 8-, 10- 12-, 14-, 16- and 18-ton single module units offer the flexibility to be used as heat pump or heat recovery systems, and are available in 208/230V and 460V.

  • Integrated Energy Efficiency Ratio (IEER) — 20.3 to 29
  • Heating Coefficient of Performance (COP) — 68°F: 4.3 to 6.3

The Heart of VRF Systems Optimized: Change-Over Boxes for Ultimate Refrigerant Flow

Hitachi offers a full line of Change-Over Box options, including Single-Port Change-Over Boxes in two sizes and Multi-Port Change-Over Boxes with 4,8 and 12 ports for ultimate flexibility in system design.

For you, that means:

  • Built-in simplicity: The Change-Over Box directs refrigerant to the desired zone and indoor unit(s). The design does not produce condensate, so no drain or condensate considerations are required.
  • Noise control: Each box has a minimum number of valves that are engineered to minimize noise and condensation. This increases placement flexibility.
  • Reliable performance: Valves in Change-Over Boxes work according to the cooling and heating demand of each zone, and an optimized box design enables easy service access if needed.

Extended Product Line for Superior Performance


  • More design options
  • Up to 25% of improvement in static pressure in medium and high-static indoor units
  • 4-way cassette, wall-mount and ducted medium and high-static units available in additional capacities


  • Drive control modulates in smaller increments resulting in 30% less power draw at 30% system load
  • Dual inverter compressors standard in the 8, 10, 12,14, and 16 ton Outdoor Units for increased performance


  • New dual fan design increases air flow up to 23% and lowers sound levels
  • Extended connection ratios are up to 150% for ALL outdoor unit capacities


  • Vertical piping distance limits extend to 360 feet

What’s New: Hitachi VRF Products and Updates

NEW DCAHLA DFS H-Link Gateway Brings Exciting Changes to DFS Systems Layout and Configuration

The H-Link Gateway offers you the options to integrate with VRF systems and VRF systems that are installed with the BACnet VRF Smart Gateway for DFS visibility on BACnet.

The H-Link Gateway can integrate directly with a VRF Smart Gateway for a DFS standalone BACnet application, providing you with easier and greater connectivity.

Hitachi VRF: The Right Choice For Multi-zone Buildings

Office Buildings

Research shows that temperature and humidity have direct impact on employees’ productivity.

When a room is too hot, employees’ level of concentration drops and they become more likely to feel sleepy. If a room is too cold, you have to deal with complaints and illnesses.

Hitachi VRF provides the exact temperature to keep comfort and focus.

In addition, quiet operation and energy efficiency increase the building value and contribute to LEED certification.


Bacteria thrive in warm environments, and inaccurate temperatures put the safe environment of hospitals and clinics at risk.

In addition, it generates discomfort to patients, doctors, and the staff, impacting either recovery or productivity.

Hitachi VRF solutions slow bacterial and viral growth and help maintain the temperature and humidity at the optimized levels recommended by ASHRAE, ensuring the environment safety.


Studies show that environmental factors make a significant difference in learning. Ambient temperature influences students’ capability of absorbing information and focusing on classroom tasks.

If a classroom is too hot or too cold, students’ brains keep reminding them to do something about it, generating cognitive challenges and impacting their motivation, if not also their health (with asthma, wheezing, etc.).

Hitachi VRF creates the perfect learning atmosphere and environment by keeping temperatures between 71 and 77 degrees Fahrenheint in classrooms all year long.


Air conditioning is more important for the hospitality industry reputation than you think.

Hotels that fail to provide good air conditioning for their guests have lower ratings and more complaints, as having a good AC system is a requirement for 7 out of 10 guests.

You most likely have been a hotel guest before and had to deal with a situation in which the AC was noisy or didn’t get cold enough, ruining your good night’s sleep.

Hitachi VRF provides the guest with unmet experience from the moment of the check-in until it is time to travel back, keeping all floors at a comfortable temperature and creating the comfort of home away from home.


Government buildings have an interesting impact on how visitors perceive the public system, and reflect the care and importance the institution gives to the people.

Inappropriate air conditioning temperatures are a sign of disrespect with employees and a disservice to visitors, and lack of efficiency and loud HVAC systems give the impression the public system is archaic and slow.

Hitachi VRF makes every individual - employees, public figures, and civilians - feel welcome to the building, and shows that the Government makes intelligent investments, caring not only about the public contribution but also about themes such as global warming.

VRF Smart Gateway: Easy BAS Integration and 24/7 Full Access at Your Fingertips

If you need elite-level VRF integration with your building automation system, then the new Johnson Controls VRF Smart Gateway is the solution.

The VRF Smart Gateway was created for fast and easy integration of Hitachi VRF technology with BACnet™ Building Automation Systems (BAS).

VRF Smart Gateway uses Ethernet to discover all point data from Hitachi VRF Indoor and Outdoor Units, making all data available for every component across the entire system 24/7, and accessible via laptop, tablet or smartphone.

For the first time ever, the entire system – including all Hitachi VRF components – is accessible and controllable through the BAS interface.

Factory OEM Service From Recognized Experts

From initial design to installation and maintenance, we have your back. Our technical support can answer all of questions and provide quick and complete guidance.

With us, you will receive unequaled customer support from an impressive team of experts that starts at your local level and extends to Hitachi’s global team.

We are committed to ongoing training to stay up to date with all VRF market innovations, and dedicated to service your equipment using the most advanced tools and techniques available, achieving the best possible results in the shortest time.

But our goal is to go beyond, equipping YOU to efficiently design and install Hitachi VRF Systems. That’s why we have several training classes available for you through the Midwest Machinery University. Check it out!

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The 6 Things We Love the Most About Hitachi VRF

We could say that we love Hitachi because it is a well-known and recognized brand, or because Hitachi VRF is a top 3 globally, or even because of their joint-venture with Johnson Controls. But all of these are not the real reasons why we love Hitachi VRF. Despite the great relationship with our new partner, we don’t love them because of who THEY ARE; we love them because of what they DO FOR YOU. So let’s start.


The 6 Things We Love the Most About Hitachi VRF

We could say that we love Hitachi because it is a well-known and recognized brand, or because Hitachi VRF is a top 3 globally, or even because of their joint-venture with Johnson Controls. But all of these are not the real reasons why we love Hitachi VRF. Despite the great relationship with our new partner, we don’t love them because of who THEY ARE; we love them because of what they DO FOR YOU. So let’s start.

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Compact and Powerful Single Zone Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps

Fit More Comfort Into More Places

Architectural changes such as room additions and remodels have more impact in HVAC than most people think. Many time, this impact includes the cost and the hassle of installing ducts.

Well, not anymore. The space and energy-saving Y Series Duct-Free Mini-Split single-zone air conditioners and heat pumps are the perfect comfort solution for room additions, remodels, and other spaces.

In addition to eliminating the cost and hassle of installing ducts, they let you dial in the exact temperature and humidity you need. By using no more than the necessary energy to heat or cool the space, they help save up to 30% more energy than central air conditioning systems, and are much easier to install.

Easy Installation

Superb Energy Savings

Convenient Control

Whisper Quiet Operation

Perfect Suited Applications for Single Rooms and IT Closets

Problem Rooms

If you have been to a room that is either “too warm” or “too cold”, you know how uncomfortable it can be. The Duct-Free Mini-Split turns problem rooms into cozy spaces.

Room Additions

Heating or cooling new spaces does not have to be expensive. In fact, ducts can limit your design freedom. The Duct-Free Mini-Split is cost-effective, perfect for individualized comfort.

Security Sheds

Attics and garage are spaces less frequented, and it is a waste of energy to cool or to heat the areas when there is no one there. The Duct-Free Mini-Split allows you to use air conditioning only when the space is in use.

person in IT closet HVAC

IT Closets

The Duct-Free Mini-Split will add heating or cooling to an older home without changing its charming design or adding noise to the space.


  • Perfect for very little wall space
  • Four fan speeds
  • Infrared remote controller
  • Turbo mode
  • Comfortable sleep mode
  • Wired controller (optional)


  • Compact design, perfect for wall-limited spaces
  • Slim and unobtrusive, fit beneath windows
  • Wired controller
  • Comfortable sleep mode
  • Swing louver
  • Remote control lockout

Questions? Contact Us.