Midwest Machinery Wins HVAC Bid for High School Project in Wentzville

Midwest Machinery has recently worked on an Armstrong pump project for the new Journey Elementary school in Wentzville, MO, saving the school more than 60 thousand dollars in equipment, materials, and installation costs.

You may not know, but Wentzville is currently the fastest-growing school district in the state of Missouri – and it has been since 2001. The passage of Proposition E (a $125 million no-tax increase bond issue) in April of 2018 enabled the District to build a 4th high school on over 100 acres they own at the corner of West Meyer Road and North Point Prairie.

With more than 314,000 square feet of space, the high school is expected to hold 1,700 students initially, and eventually expand to hold as many as 2,100 students.

The school, which is being built by Wright Construction in partnership with Hoener Associates, is scheduled to open in the Fall of 2021, and the majority of its HVAC system was provided by Midwest Machinery.

“The project involves 4 high-efficiency fire-tube Camus Advantus boilers with 3 million BTU each and significant turn down, more than a dozen Armstrong vertical inline pumps that provide lots of access and facilitate maintenance, a brand new 2-cell Marley NC 8407 cooling tower, and a heat exchanger for their air handler,” says Eric Eyler, the Sales Engineer responsible for the project.

“All the equipment is optimized for efficiency, small footprint, and easy maintenance, from the cooling tower outside motor and davit crane to the pump design. That’s because we needed to first maximize the space for the students, but also because regular maintenance will be the secret to bring comfort to the classrooms,” ads Eric.

Midwest Machinery has worked in partnership with McClure Engineering in the design of the school HVAC system, and with QuesTec, the selected contractor for the project.