Miller Leaman: Details That Make A Difference

You need a new disc filter or a strainer, but you look at the options and they seem to be all “more of the same”. You are not completely happy with the cost x benefit, but what can you do? Companies charge similar prices, and none of them offers a product that really could make a difference. You feel trapped in this world in which your best option is just average.

But id doesn’t have to be this way. Some HVAC companies are investing hard in R&D, and Miller Leaman is one of them. Their patented Leaman Thompson Strainers and self-cleaning disc filters prove that just a simple tweak in a product can substantially improve the performance of your system.

High-effective Water Filtration With The Innovative Miller Leaman Thompson Strainer

Miller Leaman patented stainless steel Thompson Strainer is the result of a simple yet innovative idea that raises the standards of high-efficiency. Thompson Strainer achieves better performance when compared to a traditional y-strainer or basket strainer due to its conical design, which offers significantly more screen surface than other products available in the market.

The larger screen surface has a positive impact on PSI pressure. All Thompson Strainer models operate with less than a 1-PSI pressure loss at the maximum flow when clean, and models are available with a wide variety of screen mesh options, ranging from large perforated hole-openings down to approximately 50-micron to meet your application needs.

They can be customized to fit the specific requirements of the project and can be outfitted with optional Pressure Differential Alarm and/or Automatic Timer Flush Packages.

Pressure Differential Alarm Package

The Pressure Differential Alarm Package is constantly tracking the inlet and outlet system pressure. If the pressure differential exceeds the predetermined limit, a switch-gauge triggers a siren and visual flashing alarm to announce that the strainer screen needs to be removed for cleaning purposes.


Miller Leaman Pressure Differential Alarm Package

The Automatic Timer Flush Package guarantees that debris will be flushed from the reservoir. Depending on the application, the process is as easy as dialing in the flush frequency and flush duration of the valve. Based on the parameters that are preset, the ball valve quickly opens and closes, minimizing the volume of water that is flushed from the strainer. A manual flush control switch allows the maintenance team to manually flush or drain the strainer before removing the screen.

How does the Thompson Strainer work?

When water enters the bottom of the strainer housing and flows upward, debris is accelerated downward, into a big reservoir at the base of the strainer to be later eliminated through a flush port located in the base.

Miller Leaman Turbo-Disc Filter: easy installation and minimal backwash water.

The Automatic Turbo-Disc Filter is a fully automatic, self-cleaning disc filter system.  Available in multiple micron sizes, this disc media uses a minimal amount of backwash water when put side-by-side to other automatic filters on the market.

These filters come complete with a pump on a stainless steel skid assembly. A control system keeps track of differences in pressure across the filter, triggering an automatic backwash when it detects that the filter is dirty. Disk cartridge maintenance is easier due to a stainless steel quick-release band clamp assembly, that allows quick access to the cartridge.

To learn more about Miller Leaman products, visit the company’s website here.