About Miller-Picking™

Since 1961, Miller-Picking™ has built a reputation for delivering the highest quality custom air handling products on the market, backed by the most proactive service and support in the industry. The Miller-Picking™ name represents the ability to anticipate customers’ needs, to provide trusted expertise, and to deliver superior air handling solutions and world-class support. Every unit that Miller-Picking manufactures is backed by the company’s tradition of creating an experience that is tailor-made to customers’ needs.

Custom Air Handling Units

Designed, engineered and assembled in the USA, Miller-Picking™ custom air handlers provide industry-leading quality and proven reliability. Developed specifically for customization and faster support, our focus on quality, flexibility and responsiveness results in a customer experience unlike any other. Premium products backed by trusted expertise: It’s been the Miller-Picking™ tradition for over 50 years.


Miller-Picking™ custom air handling units deliver performance optimized for the unique conditions in your facility, with features including:

  • Leakage: 0/5% at 12” w.c.
  • Deflection: L/240
  • Thermal: UTB™ Ultra Thermal Break (no thru-metal)
  • Fan Systems: fan arrays with highly efficient direct-drive AC induction or EC motors
  • Energy Recovery: wheels, plate heat exchanger and heat pipes


Miller-Picking™ builds your system in any shape or size within 1” increments. And whether your units are primarily indoors or outdoors, they will be built to last:

  • Casing of 2”, 3” or 4” panels with Ecomate® injected foam
  • Base: welded structural steel or aluminum
  • Full washdown with upturned lip floor pan
  • Exterior Skin: pre-painted steel or embossed aluminum
  • Removable lifting lugs
  • Full-featured vestibules and corridors


Authentic quality is built into every Miller-Picking™ custom air handling solution we deliver. Our industry-leading quality and world-class testing benefit from:

  • Design, engineering and assembly in the United States
  • Low lead times
  • Consistent product quality
  • Custom configuration-ready manufacturing processes
  • Craftsmanship at every level

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