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Why don’t you brew yourself a cup of tea, sit down in your favorite leather chair and read a little something we like to call The Adventures of Midwest Machinery and The Cooling Tower …

In 1923, a few chaps by the names of L.T. Mart and Chester Smiley combined their names and resources to form the Marley Cooling Tower Company. Maybe you’ve heard of them?

That very same year Mart & Smiley became 2 of 3 founding members of Midwest Machinery Company.

To this day, Midwest Machinery remains the first and oldest cooling tower sales representative in the United States. Since that time, we’ve expanded our focus to the entire mechanical system, bringing energy efficient solutions to the building owner, contractor & engineer.

We’ve been growing quickly in the last two decades to span several states and offices. This is largely in part of our Mission and Core Values leading the way.

At the end of the day, what really matters is that you get the products, service and price you need to succeed.

We’re just happy to be a small part of that.

ltmart certificate

Leon T. Mart’s original stock documents from 1923.

The Midwest Experience

The Midwest Experience is what you can expect from us every step of the way. We live and die by these values.

  • Practice Honesty and Integrity
  • Be Responsive, Quick & Agile
  • Work Hard with Excellence
  • Build Lasting Relationships
  • Measure Success by Others’ Success
  • Deliver More Value than We Receive
  • We Deliver on Promises
  • A “Tie” Goes to the Customer
  • We Have Fun and can be Irreverent
  • Practice Self-Improvement
  • We Serve Our Community
  • Everything Matters.

We have offices in several cities across the United States. Here is a list of what regions you can find us.

Saint Louis


Oklahoma City and Tulsa

Kansas City