PACE Air Systems provides custom air handlers with a track record of exceptional reliability. The products are manufactured by Johnson Controls as part of the Johnson Controls’ product portfolio, which means that PACE solutions are the result of over 140 years of engineering experience.

Product Line – Key Features

Whether a school, hospital, commercial building or a manufacturing facility, PACE air systems offer the flexibility to meet your unique design requirements at the pace of performance.

  • Cabinets
    • AHRI 430 Certified
    • 1,500 – 60,000 CFM
    • Configurable cabinet sizes
    • 2″ foam injected, R-13 double wall panels
    • Galvanized steel exterior, galvanized or stainless steel interior lines
    • Aluminum tread plate flooring
    • Formed galvanized steel baserail
    • Configurable openings
    • Multiple unit configurations and split options
  • Fans
    • Forward curved, airfoil, plenum – AC & EC motors
    • Fan arrays and dual fans
  • Coils
    • AHRI 410 rated water coils
    • Water, steam, glycol, and DX coils
    • Multiple fin and tube options
    • Staggered and split coils
    • Indirect face and bypass coil
    • Wrap-around heat pipes
  • Filtration
    • Wide range of MERV ratings
    • HEPA, high-efficiency, and bag filters
  • Energy Efficiency
    • Energy recovery wheels
    • Plate heat exchangers
    • Economizers
  • Electrical
    • Factory mounted and wired VFDs
    • Factory mounted and wired end devices
    • Single point power
    • Lights/outlets
  • Additional Features/Options
    • Air blenders
    • Humidifiers
    • Gas and electric heat
    • Acoustical treatment

PACE Benefits

  • Faster installation and commissioning with factory installed and wired power distribution panels, motor controls and controller-ready end devices
  • Designed to support extensive configurations that meet unique project requirements
  • Robust processes ensure that you get what you ordered
  • Validated compliance AHRI 430, 410, and 260
  • Best-in-class low leakage rates
  • Backed by an extensive network of application and service experts

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