Midwest Rewards are Here!

As a way of saying thank you to current and future customers, we’ve launched an all-inclusive rewards program.

Here's How it Works

Our rewards program is simple and straight forward. The more you purchase, the more you earn!

Example Prizes

Get the things you’ve always wanted just for working with us. Our online store is continuously updated. Receive access to the entire store by registering.

Registration to Receive Points is Quick, Easy and Free.

Example Promotions

Register and login to see latest promotions based on product type. These will be updated frequently.

Marley Cooling Towers

EXAMPLE: Purchase any Marley Cooling Tower over $10,000.



hitach vrf units
Hitachi VRF

EXAMPLE: Purchase any Hitachi VRF or split order over $20,000.




EXAMPLE: Place an RTU order of any size.



Quantech Chillers

EXAMPLE: Purchase any Quantech Chiller



Example promotions displayed. Register to see current promotions.

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