See How SMARDT and Danfoss Partnered to Help Eastman Business Park Improve Energy Efficiency

Great HVAC projects happen every day, but mind-blowing solutions like this one involving SMARDT and Danfoss deserve special attention.

The partnership of two giant manufacturers of world-class HVAC equipment led to an extraordinary end-result for the Eastman Business Park (EBP) in Rochester, NY.

The EBP, which is a 1,200-acre R&D and manufacturing campus (with over 16 million square feet of multi-scale manufacturing, distribution, lab, and office space) needed to replace a single 2400 TR steam turbine-driven centrifugal chiller that was operating inefficiently and wasting thousands of dollars in energy.

RED-Rochester, LLC, the company that owns and operates EBP’s utility infrastructure considered several chiller technologies. The original scope of work was to replace the old chiller with two 1000 TR magnetic bearing centrifugal chillers for energy efficiency and reduced maintenance.

But SMARDT offered an even better solution that saved floor space, piping, insulation, electrical, controls, and installation costs while maintaining the desired redundancy and achieving maximum performance.

Check it out on the video below!

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