About Spec-Air

Since 1985 Spec-Air has provided environmentally friendly Evaporative Cooling Products that are very effective at cooling buildings requiring outdoor air to meet air quality standards, and we do it using a fraction of the energy required by typical packaged air conditioning systems.

As the engineered products division of Champion Cooler, Spec-Air specializes in custom industrial air handlers, energy recovery, indirect/direct evaporative cooling, gas heating, make-up air and 100% outside air applications. In addition, Spec-Air modifies packaged rooftop units to provide 100% outside air capability and energy recovery from building exhaust. With our complete in-house engineering staff, Spec-Air can design and fabricate custom air handling units from 2,000 – 250,000 CFM. All units are made in USA.

Spec-Air Product Line

Spec-Air is a division of Champion Cooler, a leading manufacturer of residential evaporative coolers. Together, they provide equipment and solutions for all types of markets including residential, commercial, industrial and government applications.

Evaporative Air Handlers

Indirect or Indirect/Direct units to provide cooling, heating, energy recovery. Sizes range from 2,000 to 50,000 CFM with up to 5.0″ TSP

Spec-Air works with  three different models of evaporative air handlers, which are called Ctiac, GL ACER, and Spec.

  • Ctiac: is a custom direct evaporative cooling module for Combustion Turbine Inlet Air Cooling applications.
  • GL ACER: all stainless steel, axial fan direct evaporative cooling unit for industrial installations requiring 20 years of service life. This product performs up to 22,000 CFM.
  • Spec: custom configured industrial air handler available with direct/indirect evaporative cooling, gas heat, heating/cooling coils, special filters and mixing sections. This product performs up to 50,000 CFM.

Packaged Unit Pre-coolers

Designed to match up to units for pre-cooling outside air or condenser air.

Spec-Air offers two packaged unit pre-coolers: ACER Air Conditioning Energy Recovery, and Pre-cooler Condenser

  • ACER Air Conditioning Energy Recovery: modifies standard packaged rooftop units with indirect/direct evaporative cooling for 100% outside air and energy recovery from building exhaust winter and summer.
  • PRE-COOLER Condenser: pre-cooler with direct evaporative media in custom sized stainless steel casing that increases standard condenser capacity and energy efficiency.

Evaporative Modules

Indirect and Indirect/Direct modules for new or existing air handlers and OEM applications. Sizes from 2,000 to 100,000 CFM.

Spec-Air offers three models of evaporative modules: STAGE I, STAGE II, and E-PHYER.

  • STAGE I: direct evaporative cooling module for installation with existing units to provide low-cost cooling during peak summer conditions.
  • STAGE II: Indirect and indirect/direct evaporative cooling module. This product may be installed to pre-cool outside air for increased capacity on existing air handlers or to increase percentage of outside air to meet indoor air quality standards.
  • E-PHYER: the energy-efficient humidifier, featuring Spec-Air’s Digital Wet Pulse System

Custom Equipment

Units custom-designed to meet the requirements of the project

Whether you have a new project, need to replace your existing equipment or require LEED accreditation, Spec-Air has the system that will work for you.


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