Performance, Comfort, and Efficiency Like No Other

TempMaster is an industry-leading manufacturer of heating and cooling products that are designed to make installation, setup, commissioning and servicing easier. With a comprehensive line of products and systems, TempMaster offers the product options you need for today’s light and large commercial applications—whether your applications involve schools, healthcare facilities, office buildings, churches, retail stores or more.

All TempMaster products are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards in multi-million-square-foot manufacturing plants in Kansas, Oklahoma and Monterrey (Mexico), delivering the lasting performance, exceptional energy efficiency and reliability demanded by commercial HVAC professionals all over the country. Along with the largest HVAC manufacturing facilities, their robust product development and rigorous testing processes ensure the delivery of quality products you can rely on.

Product Line

From high-efficiency heat exchangers to advanced control options, TempMaster has the capacities and capabilities to get the job done. Enjoy the convenience of our wide range of products including packaged heating and cooling units, packaged heat pumps and split systems designed to meet the performance needs of your project.

Packaged Cooling and Heating Units

With five series of products – OmniCore, OmniPlus, OmniMax, OmniPremier, and OmniElite – TempMaster offers packaged rooftop units that range from 3 to 150 tons nominal capacity, from standard efficiency to ultra-high efficiency, and with heating options that can comprehend: gas, electric, cooling only, hot water, and steam.


OmniPremier commercial rooftop units from TempMaster offer class-leading standard efficiency levels and meet aggressive Department of Energy (DOE) 2023 energy efficiency standards. Offered in standard efficiency, high capacity or high efficiency, OmniPremierunits can provide up to 50% greater efficiency at part-load than is required.

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Bringing the features and flexibility of an applied system into the value and simplicity of a rooftop. Superior breadth of features and flexibility with best in class standard efficiencies, multiple airflow path configurations, and options, modulating options for better control, and standard foam, double-wall panel construction.

Competitive footprints, application flexibility, wide range of options, high-capacity, and side and down convertible airflow.  Tempmaster’s packaged heat pumps range from 3 to 20 tons and electric heating options.

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High efficiencies in a pre-assembled, pre-wired, split system design with several configuration choices for more application flexibility. Single pipe and two pipe.

Reduce the cost of heating and cooling a building by using exhaust air to condition incoming outdoor air. The single or three-phase ERV model offers from 63 to 73% of energy recovery ventilation capacity.

High flexibility for up to 25 tons, and high capacity with split system evaporator blowers built for demanding commercial applications from 30 to 50 tons.

TempMaster’s DOAS meet ASHRAE requirements for fresh air and energy efficiency, and are available in 3 models, with 100% outside air nominal capacity or 18,000 nominal capacity.


Performs monitoring functions originally done by separate discrete relays, commands, interlocking hardware and a thermostat. Plus an optional Wi-Fi® MAP device enables monitoring, commissioning and troubleshooting with a smartphone, tablet or PC.

TempMaster equipment works perfectly with Verasys, a building automation system from Johnson Controls that can easily orchestrate an entire HVACR system including a rooftop VAV system. Watch the video below to learn more.

For more details and supporting material, visit the TempMaster website.