The 6 Things We Love the Most About Hitachi VRF

We could say that we love Hitachi because it is a well-known and recognized brand, or because Hitachi VRF is a top 3 globally, or even because of their joint-venture with Johnson Controls.

But all of these are not the real reasons why we love Hitachi VRF. Despite the great relationship with our new partner, we don’t love them because of who THEY ARE; we love them because of what they DO FOR YOU. So let’s start.

1) Hitachi upgrades their products to meet YOUR needs

Most other manufacturers wrap their coil around 3.5 sides of the unit, limiting access to the inside, and leaving little room for controls. They do this for minimal unit size reductions for the Asia market. In the United States, we don’t typically have space limitations on the roof. Maintenance on these units is much easier than many other brands.

Hitachi has a luxury access panel that offers unprecedented space for cleaning and service, taking no more than 5 minutes to open with a standard Phillips screwdriver. All components are easily accessible, speeding up the time spent on maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting if required.

Are you tired of controls boards being stacked or located on the lower part of the equipment – being exposed to potential condensate damage? I don’t know about you, but my back could use a break. Hitachi locates their controls and boards at the top of the unit on a single plane for easy maintenance.

Want whisper quiet operation? Hitachi has an isolated, insulated housing unit just for the compressors, an innovative solution for noise control.

How do we keep our electronics safe? All Hitachi electronic circuitry is air-cooled, limiting chances of refrigeration or condensate frying a board.

Hitachi VFD outdoor unit open

We also want to point out that if you have a multi outdoor unit VRF system and one unit goes down, the others will continue to operate without hiccups, avoiding the complete shutdown of your system and frustrating building tenants.

Lastly, Hitachi outdoor units have a defrost cycle with continuous heating, not requiring the unit shut-down to run a defrost cycle during winter operation.

2) Get all of your Hitachi equipment the next day?

Hitachi strategically opened a state of the art Warehouse and Advanced Logistics center just east of Memphis, where UPS and FedEx hubs are located. The goal is to ensure fast, safe, and accurate deliveries, and attractive shipping rates for customers. Most equipment arrives within one to three days, and all shipments arrive within five days – and ready for installation.

Since then, Hitachi has been tracking its own performance, and results show that Hitachi has currently a 99% damage-free work record. Advanced order management and logistics systems allow Hitachi to have equipment available to you when you need it, and to speed up the parts delivery processes. Get your equipment hassle-free.

3) Hitachi and Johnson Controls have developed next-generation controls so easy an 8-year-old could operate them.

Tired of complicated control schemes?

Hitachi’s very own VRF Cloud Gateway integrates Hitachi VRF systems with smart devices, tablets and BAS controllers for comprehensive control of all building systems through one device. The VRF Cloud Gateway works as a stand-alone solution to enable HVAC system control over the web through a smartphone, tablet or PC.

It is a game-changing new technology that solves a crucial customer challenge by allowing them to quickly and easily integrate all equipment data with the BAS, automatically discovering all VRF equipment in the system and providing more data points for greater visibility through the BAS.

Hitachi VRF Smart Gateway

Controls range from simple on/off, set point, load and speed settings, to programmable units that enable scheduling. Wireless units are available to provide remote control of zone space conditions, and central station controllers for larger projects provide remote control and scheduling of the entire system from one or more control points.

4) Next-level warranty and registration

More good news that applies for both the Standard Warranty and the Extended Warranty! For the standard warranty, you are automatically registered with the completion of commissioning and filling out start-up forms. Hitachi’s easy registration system instantly captures the information needed, and if you complete Hitachi certified training, your equipment is automatically upgraded to an Extended Warranty.

Hitachi offers an extended 10-year part and compressor warranty.

Worried about replacement parts years from now?

Hitachi will guarantee parts for 15 years from the date of the last shipment. They also take pride in backward compatibility with older generation units, so you are able to work between both units without headache.

Hitachi Equipment Warranty

5) Unparalleled OEM engineering support and assistance

Deliverables on every project go beyond what other manufacturers offer. We include complete wiring and piping diagrams, nominal piping lengths, comprehensive controls architecture and the required refrigerant charge calculation for your application.

Finally, we will validate your system and look for potential errors.

Working with Midwest Machinery and Hitachi should ensure a smooth design, installation, and operation.

6) World-class training center

Tired of tech frustration, error codes and searching for a needle in a haystack?

Hitachi has a huge VRF training center that offers an extensive line of classes with specialized modules and topics to ensure you are equipped to make the best use of their VRF technology. Classes help engineers easily and accurately design, select and configure equipment, installers proficiently complete jobs on-time and on-budget, and service technicians efficiently maintain, troubleshoot, and repair systems.

Hitachi VRF training center

Thanks for reading and feel free to ask us anything Hitachi VRF related. Get more details about Hitachi VRF here.

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