VAW noise control systems are applied to noise control engineering. Their silencers are adapted to your mechanical system – not the other way around.

VAW noise control systems works closely with Mechanical Engineers and Acoustic Consultants in the analysis and product selection for their most challenging applications.

There are a number of construction options and accessories available that may be selected for any application, including high pressure systems, dirty or corrosive airstreams, cleanable silencers and access doors. Overall geometry may be varied to meet installation space limitations.

Product Line

Absorptive Silencers

Standard absorptive silencers (acoustic baffles filled with absorptive acoustic grade media) may be applied to most HVAC and fan ventilation systems within a commercial building.  These products provide a broad-band range of attenuation using aerodynamically shaped baffles.

Lined Silencers

For airstreams that include high levels of moisture, particulate and other contaminates related to Indoor Air Quality concerns, these products ensure that fibrous media particles from the silencer do not enter the airstream. Typical lined silencer applications include health care facilities, laboratories, and air intakes at critical building openings.

Reactive (no media) Silencers 

The acoustic baffles are specially designed to tune at critical frequencies found in today’s HVAC systems for optimal Indoor Air Quality performance. The silencer package does not include any fibrous media fill. Typical reactive silencer applications include operating rooms, laboratory exhausts, clean rooms, and pharmaceutical and food processing facilities.

Axial Fan Silencers 

Axial fans are often employed in shaft and tunnel ventilation systems. Circular silencers, with center body pods matched to the fan and motor hub, deliver uniform flow in and out of the fan. VAW Systems’ Axial Cone Silencers are designed with a shape and size to ensure that the pressure drop is minimized (often near zero pressure losses), while helping the fan achieve the required thrust performance and noise criteria.

Acoustic Louver

These products are designed to provide optimal acoustic performance (Transmission Loss) with minimal airflow restrictions (pressure drop) for your building and equipment ventilation applications. Standard acoustic louvers are manufactured from galvanized metal to suit any ventilation opening size. VAW offers a choice of finishes and built materials.

Acoustic Enclosures and Plenums

VAW acoustic enclosures and plenums are engineered for optimum attenuation and noise reduction. The enclosures may house noisy equipment, while plenums may be connected to a fan discharge or return opening to aid in the distribution of ventilation or conditioned air.

To know more about VAW noise control systems, check out all of their solutions, and to download their case studies, access the company’s website.