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The Challenges of Long Lead Times, Air Leaks, and Excessive Costs

In the competitive landscape of HVAC solutions, the industry is often plagued by extended lead times that delay project completions, leading to increased costs and missed opportunities. Additionally, air handling units that are not meticulously constructed can suffer from air leaks, significantly diminishing system efficiency and inflating operational expenses over time. Navigating these obstacles while also contending with the high costs of premium equipment can be an uphill battle for businesses aiming to balance fiscal responsibility with quality performance.

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VTS Modular Air Handling Units: Your Answer to HVAC Efficiency and Economy

VTS Modular Air Handling Units stand as the beacon of innovation, addressing the pressing concerns of the HVAC industry head-on. With an agile manufacturing process, VTS slashes the wait times, delivering high quality air handling units promptly to ensure your project deadlines are met with room to spare. VTS units are engineered with precision to provide airtight seals, eliminating the common problem of air leaks and ensuring that efficiency is maximized and energy costs are minimized. Despite their high-end construction and performance, VTS units come at a price point that represents a sound investment, breaking the mold of having to choose between quality and cost.

Maximize Comfort and Control with VTS Air Handling

Customizable Design

Modular units designed for easy customization to fit your unique space requirements and specifications.

Rapid Installation

Pre-engineered modules for quick and straightforward installation.

Energy Efficiency

State-of-the-art features that reduce energy consumption and operational costs, leading to a greener footprint.

Robust Construction

Durable materials and construction give you a reliable long-term air handling solution.

Quiet Operation

Engineered for minimal noise, providing a comfortable and distraction-free environment.

Unparalleled Casing Integrity

Frameless casing minimizes energy loss while improving corrosion resistence.

Service and Support

Backed by a dedicated team of experts ready to support you throughout the product’s lifecycle.

Improved Air Quality

Our air-to-air energy wheel and easy-to-use inspection panels lead to improved air quality.

Experience the Distinct VTS Group Edge

Imagine the precision of the automotive industry, that exacting standard of efficiency, now applied to the delivery of your HVAC solutions. VTS, in a masterstroke of logistics, has established a global network of six high-powered logistics centers, strategically stationed in Atlanta, Dubai, Moscow, Warsaw, and Bangalore. What does that mean for you? No matter where in the world you are, the swiftest delivery times are guaranteed.


But we’re not just about speed. VTS’s ability to mass produce without sacrificing attention to detail allows us to bring you the best product at unbeatable prices. Yes, you read that right. With VTS, top-tier quality doesn’t have to break the bank.

Trust is key in our industry, and we stake our reputation on our products. VTS has multilevel quality control systems that allow them to offer an industry-leading 18 month warranty. Now you can rest easy, knowing you’ve got the gold standard in HVAC solutions with the assurance of trouble-free operation. That’s the VTS difference.

VTS Group, a trailblazer in the HVAC industry, has been at the forefront of pioneering advancements in air handling solutions since its foundation in 1989. Anchored in a vision of delivering energy efficiency, customizable configurations, and environmental stewardship, VTS has risen as a beacon of innovation, consistently adapting to the dynamic needs of the global HVAC market. With a presence spanning across 20 countries and a reputation for technical excellence, VTS Group has become a name synonymous with unmatched quality and reliability in modular AHU solutions, catering to an expansive range of sectors including commercial establishments, public facilities, and beyond.

VTS Has Solutions for These Industries and More:

Installation/Usage Information

Streamlined Installation with Pre-Engineered Precision

The VTS Modular Air Handling Units redefine installation convenience through their pre-engineered modular design. Each module is meticulously crafted to integrate seamlessly, ensuring a straightforward assembly that translates to significant time and cost savings on the job site. These units are designed with the foresight of facilitating a plug-and-play assembly, which not only expedites the installation process but also reduces the potential for on-site errors.

Expert Assistance from Midwest Machinery

Understanding that the installation of air handling systems can be complex, Midwest Machinery provides an added layer of support with boiler experts on staff to assist contractors through every step. From unpacking the pre-engineered modules to the final assembly, our experts are there to ensure that the installation is executed flawlessly, aligning with VTS’s commitment to excellence and Midwest Machinery’s dedication to customer service.

Tailored for Efficiency and Reliability

The design of VTS Modular Air Handling Units caters to efficiency and reliability. Once assembled, the units offer robust performance with minimal air leakage, thanks to the precision engineering of each component. Their modular nature not only simplifies installation but also enhances reliability, as each part of the system is designed to work in concert with the others, creating a cohesive and efficient airflow path

Featured VTS Project

Buford Water Plant

Buford, Georgia

American Ventus Air Handling Units for Optimal Performance

In a bid to enhance operational efficiency and reliability, The Buford Water Plant has recently incorporated state-of-the-art American Ventus Air Handling Units. This installation showcases the seamless integration of advanced HVAC technology within critical infrastructure.

Exceptional Engineering for Essential Services

This project, highlighted on May 12, 2023, features a dual setup of two 30k CFM Air Handling Units strategically stacked to provide redundancy (N+1) and ensure uninterrupted service. These units, equipped with high-performance DX coils, work in conjunction with LG Air Conditioning VRF condensers to deliver precise cooling required for the water plant’s vital pump drives.

A Testament to Collaboration and Technical Expertise

The success of this project is a testament to the collaborative effort between VTS America and the local rep, ensuring that the Buford Water Plant operates at peak efficiency. It underscores the adaptability of VTS systems to meet the specialized needs of public utilities, reinforcing the brand’s commitment to quality and innovation in every environment.

Explore the VTS Range of Air Handling Units

Innovative Air Solutions Awaits

Uncover the potential of VTS Air Handling Units, where cutting-edge design meets exceptional performance.

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Frequently Asked VTS Questions:

VTS air handlers are engineered for ease of assembly due to their modular, frameless design that is both lightweight and compact. This design eliminates thermal bridges and minimizes air leakage, making installation straightforward. The units come ready-to-install with factory-mounted controls and end devices, and the maintenance-free Plenum fan incorporates a highly efficient motor with Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) for silent operation. The combination of these features results in a ‘Plug & Play’ air handling solution that offers both ease of installation and long-term energy efficiency​.

Following the proven assembly method of the automotive Industry, VTS created a network of 4 efficiently functioning logistics centers: Atlanta, Dubai, Warsaw and Bangalore. Thereby guaranteeing the shortest delivery terms in the market, regardless of the region in the world.

VTS America is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia along with their US logistics center.

800 CFM – 38,000 CFM in total capacity.

VTS Pre-Sale Questions and Technical Support

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