The Whalen Company

James Whalen founded The Whalen Company in 1962 when he invented and manufactured vertical riser heat-exchanger fan coil units for residential and commercial applications. The success of the fan coil units led to the development of the vertical water source heat pump a decade later.

Over the years, The Whalen Company has built on their early successes to develop a family of products that today meet the needs of residential and commercial building industries in the construction of hotels, apartments, condominiums and other multi-story buildings.

Today, The Whalen Company continues to provide solutions for new and replacement air conditioning applications. Their flexibility and expertise allow them to meet the needs of customers by providing them with designs that perfectly fit the building.

Whalen Product Line

The Whalen Company water source heat pump units are designed for use in a wide variety of applications.

Whisperline® Water Source Heat Pump: designed with flexibility in mind, the Whisperline® Series heat pump units deliver quiet and efficient operation.

Whisperpack® Water Source Heat Pump: the Whisperpack® Series packages the best of the water source heat pump and hydronic heating technology to maximize comfort.

Whispertherm™ Integrated Thermal Recovery Unit: Whispertherm™ brings together Whalen’s field-proven products with the means to deliver freshly-conditioned outdoor air.

Closetline® Packaged Water Source Heat Pump: the Closetline® Series boasts a compact cabinet, making this the perfect solution for commercial retrofit or new construction.



Fan Coil Units

The Whalen Company fan coil air conditioning units are designed for use in a wide variety of applications.

Inteli-line® Vertical Stack Fan Coil: the Inteli-line® Vertical Stack Fan Coil family is available in multiple configurations to meet a variety of applications.

Innoline® Riser Fan Coil: Simple and compact, Whalen’s Innoline® Riser Fan Coil product is the proven choice that started it all.

Innoline® 50/50 Four Pipe System: with its unique ability to stage performance, the Innoline® 50/50 Four Pipe Fan Coil System is a game-changer.

Direct Drive Horizontal & Vertical: ranging from 300 CFM to 1,200 CFM, the horizontal and vertical fan coils are available in several configurations.

Belt Drive Horizontal & Vertical: belt drive fan coils range from 600 CFM, to 10,000 CFM and are designed to meet your more demanding applications.

Vertical Console Units: console fan coil units deliver reliable performance and quiet operation while being easy to install.








To learn more about Whalen and its products, visit the company’s website.