Desert Aire DriCure: The Ultimate Solution for Cannabis Drying Rooms

Higher quality drying operation equals higher quality medicine.

The Missouri HVAC industry has been closely following the medicinal marijuana market since 2018 when the passage of Amendment 2 legalized the consumption of medicinal Cannabis under qualifying health conditions.

Since then, HVAC manufacturers have been working to create pieces of equipment that allow growers to succeed in their new venture and patients to get the most benefit out of the final product.

DesertAire, a recognized leader in dehumidification systems for indoor environments, took the lead with a product that optimizes plant growth by creating the perfect balance of humidification (during the on and off light cycles), temperature, and air movement – all the cannabis requirements needed to grow healthy flowers.

GrowAire provides precise cooling and dehumidification levels during the on and off cycles and allows growers to save tons of money by eliminating the need to oversize systems for the added heat rejection of conventional portable dehumidifiers, therefore not wasting energy.

But DesertAire wanted more. So they kept studying the entire process and operation involving Cannabis, and they came up with a groundbreaking solution that promises to revolutionize the market.

The company has JUST launched the ultimate solution for Cannabis drying rooms, specially designed for indoor cannabis growers.

It’s called DriCure.

Image of DriCure equipment from DesertAire, designed specifically for Cannabis Drying Rooms

As you may already know, Cannabis doesn’t go from harvesting straight to the market as it happens with many other products. An entire drying process needs to happen first, and that’s why the DriCure was created.

It is desirable for the drying operation to remove a significant amount of water weight in the first 24h, and the rest of it over the course of 10 days. When done properly, this process ensures that the high quality of the buds with all its medicinal properties is maintained.

cannabis drying rooms with cannabis hanging on racks

But that’s not an easy task. Fearing mold during the drying period and in an attempt to avoid it, many growers will accelerate the Cannabis drying process, impacting the end quality of their product.

The DriCure dehumidifier is designed to remove the moisture released by the plant and to provide the airflow to make sure all drying racks have air movement over them. Blowers are constantly running (except for the short defrost cycle), reducing stratification in the room and maintaining a constant temperature and humidity throughout the space.

With DriCure, it is guaranteed that the plant will lose approximately 40% of its total weight in the first 24h, and then the rest of it within 5 to 10 days, depending on the application. For growers, that means not only a premium product that sells for more, but also that all the hard work put into growing a healthy plant is not lost in the final stage.

Graphic: percentage of original plant day versus days of drying cannabis

Want to know more about the DriCure, and learn how this new piece of equipment helps manage the Cannabis drying operation in detail?

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