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Take control of your facility’s water with the most advanced chemical-free water treatment system in the industry.

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Flow-Tech technology is the best solution

  • Simple, Non-Invasive Installation
  • Measurable Signal Strength
  • Safely Operate Cooling Towers

These Are the Effects of Installing Flow-Tech in a Building

Pulsing thousands of times per second, Flow-Tech leaves no ion or bacteria untouched. With low bacteria counts and a lack of biofilm, Microbial Induced Corrosion (MIC) can be reduced, while chemically induced corrosion can be avoided by eliminating corrosive oxidizing biocides.

Finally, by managing cycles of concentration, chloride pitting can be successfully avoided with the implementation of Flow-Tech.


  • Why Is Building Water Treatment Always a Hassle?

    Traditional chemical water systems are complex and ineffective if not carefully maintained.

    Chemicals are highly toxic, and handling and storing is dangerous for the maintenance team, and can also harm occupants if the dosage is incorrect.

    On top, chemicals are expensive, and it’s a cost that never comes back to the owner’s pocket. That’s because they don’t offer a definite solution, and constant repurchase is required.

    But that seems to be the only option, right? After all, traditional chamber systems that are known for being the standard non-chemical water treatment in the industry are not that much better, because the water is only treated as it flows through the system and installing them would be a waste of money.

    Here is the truth about 90% of the water treatment systems in the market: they are complex and not highly effective, they are expensive and toxic, they waste a ton of water due to increased cycles of concentration, and they cannot prevent the formation of scale, biofilm, and corrosion.

    So why would you still choose to go with what’s been proven to not work well?

  • How to Install Flow-Tech in Your Building?

    If you've ever heard of easy installation but never quite experienced it, now is the time.

    Installation is fast and inexpensive. In fact, most models weigh <50lbs and ship in a 20“ x 20“ x 20“ box. The installation cost is typically between $250-500, with no downtime and zero pump interconnection.

    It's a small and simple plug and play small piece of equipment, perfect for retrofit projects too. Most equipment ships in 48 hours, with a 4 week lead time for units >24", and the product is shipped from Wisconsin.

Learn how a hospital in Utah achieved non-detect with Flow-Tech

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