Inflation Reduction Act: Once-in-a-lifetime 30%-50%+ Federal Credits and Rebates for Geothermal HVAC

The 2022 Inflation Reduction Act brings great news for those interested in geothermal HVAC systems. This act offers tax credits and rebates for installing these systems in commercial buildings and other non-taxable entities. Why is this important? Geothermal HVAC is super efficient for heating and cooling, but it used to be quite expensive. The cost of drilling wells made the return on investment (ROI) take a long time, especially where utility rates are low. But that has all changed.

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What’s New in the Geothermal HVAC Tax Incentives and Rebates?

The Act makes a big difference in how much tax credit you can get. For homes, the tax credit has gone up from 26% to 30%. For commercial buildings, it’s a jump from 10% to 30%. In some cases, it might cover half of your project cost! This isn’t just about saving money. It shows the government’s commitment to clean energy.

These tax breaks aim to make geothermal HVAC as affordable as regular HVAC systems. They help overcome the big initial cost, making these systems a smarter choice. It’s not just about saving money right now. It’s about moving towards renewable energy and easing the load on our power grids.

Special Advantages for Schools and Non-Profits

Schools and non-profit organizations can now get these benefits as rebates. This is a big deal. It means they can upgrade to eco-friendly systems, save on energy bills, and do good for the planet. It’s a double win!

Benefits for Businesses and Individuals

Businesses and people living in apartments or condos can save a lot with these systems. Geothermal HVAC can reduce utility bills a lot. And for companies, combining this with solar power can help move towards a zero-emissions future.

Who Can Cash in?

The IRA stipulates specific criteria for eligibility for these tax incentives and rebates. To qualify, projects must adhere to certain standards and guidelines. For instance, incorporating domestically produced steel or iron in the geothermal equipment can boost the tax credit amount. This not only encourages the use of local materials but also bolsters the national economy.

Moreover, projects situated in designated energy communities may receive additional tax credits, further promoting the use of geothermal technology in these areas.

Don’t overlook your local electric companies, either. Many have millions of dollars earmarked for energy upgrades.

Impact on the Geothermal HVAC Industry and The Environment

These new tax breaks could change the geothermal HVAC industry big time. They lower costs and encourage more people to use this technology. This can lead to more jobs and growth in clean energy. Geothermal systems are great for the environment. They use the earth’s temperature to heat and cool spaces, cutting down on fossil fuel use. This helps fight climate change and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

What to Keep in Mind

As with many government initiatives, the complexity of the legislative code may pose a challenge, necessitating a comprehensive understanding and possibly consultation with legal or tax experts. Additionally, meeting the eligibility criteria, such as utilizing domestically produced materials, requires meticulous coordination.

Act Now

The IRA tax incentives for geothermal HVAC systems mark a significant advance in the United States’ dedication to clean energy and sustainability. They provide substantial financial and environmental benefits for a broad spectrum of entities, including businesses, individuals, schools, and non-profits. If you’re considering a geothermal HVAC system, now is the time to investigate these incentives. Midwest Machinery is ready to help you navigate the intricacies of the IRA tax incentives and provide estimates for geothermal tax credits, rebates, and energy usage. Contact Midwest Machinery today to discover how these incentives, paired with ClimateMaster Geothermal Equipment can benefit you or your organization and move towards a more sustainable and economically advantageous future.

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