Midwest Machinery Welcomes Sam Heilbronner to our VRF Team!

With the invention of HVAC in 1902, you could say VRF is a relatively new technology. Having hit the mainstream in the early 1980’s – new systems, standards, and installation techniques are evolving faster than the message can get out.

When Midwest Machinery Saint Louis partnered with Hitachi VRF, we knew a seasoned expert was vital for success.

We’re thrilled to announce we have found that expert.

Sam Heilbronner brings a wealth of VRF knowledge and experience to our team.

Sam graduated from Colorado State University in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. Since then, he has worked in the HVAC manufacturer’s representative industry for 9 years.

He has served many roles throughout his career including inside sales, application engineering and outside sales. Sam focuses on both engineering and contracting sales for hydronic systems and pushed himself to become a VRF expert when he was first exposed to VRF systems back in 2012.

When/Why/How did you become an expert in VRF systems?

“Everyone was new into VRF when I was first exposed to it, around 2012. The engineers, the contractors and most of the reps had very little experience with it. Essentially, I had to learn everything about VRF as quickly as possible to properly manage jobs and expectations. This took much longer than expected as I found out there is a lot that goes into VRF systems! I learned how valuable proper design was. More importantly, I learned how essential proper installation was to ensure the VRF system maintained appropriate internal pressures, oil return capabilities and overall performance.”

Born and raised in Mequon, Wisconsin, Sam supports the Green Bay Packers and enjoys staying active, snowboarding and snowmobiling, but mostly spending time with his family.

He’s definitely not one to sit in an office taking sales orders, choosing to meet customers face to face whenever possible and keeping in touch with them on a daily basis.

How do you see your customers? What’s the importance of developing good relationships with them?

“Between designing systems, managing projects and general education on our products, honestly, it is sometimes hard to see customers just based on availability.  However, it is very important to me to try and regularly be present in their offices. Some customers don’t need or want to see you all the time.  Others appreciate it a bit more (…) In my opinion, relationships are built through trust and dependability.  Earning your customers business is not something that happens overnight.  There needs to be a mutual comfort with each other.  I pride myself on responsiveness.  If I can’t be in your office or am simply too busy to get out of the office, know that I am always connected (it’s a generational thing).  I like to email or call my clients to at least let know that I have received their request and I am looking into it.  I like to provide timely, but more importantly, detailed, responses as soon as possible for my clients.”

What do you expect from your new role at Midwest Machinery?

“(…)First, I want to be a technical resource for our clients.  I want to give the engineering community the feeling that they are in good hands with my designs and I want to give the contracting community the support they need to have a successful project for themselves and the end user (…)Secondly, I want to be a valued member of the Midwest team. Being respected and relied upon by my peers is very important to me.  Lastly, I’d be lying if I didn’t say this, but I want to have fun. Whether that is in the office with coworkers or out of the office with clients, being able to take a step back and enjoy life outside of work for a moment is always appreciated. I feel incredibly fortunate that I really enjoy what I do for a living.  Not everybody can say the same thing, so I tend to appreciate every day in this industry (even the bad ones). I have found a lot of happiness by always keeping an honest and even perspective”.

We are very excited to have Sam in our team.  We know he will bring a high level of service to our customers and help us expand our reach with VRF projects in Missouri and Southern Illinois!