Mosinee School District Spirotherm Case Study: Teaching in the classroom and in the mechanical room

Mosinee school district located in Mosinee, WI struggled to get the necessary cooling from its equipment.

In such instances, facility managers and engineers are often trained to look at controls, balancing valves and even re-evaluate equipment selections.

Director of Facilities & Grounds, Steve Kaiser, based on previous experience with Spirotherm and Spirovent products, suspected there was air in the water/glycol mixture. Entrained air, when mixed with glycol, creates foam, which in turn inhibits heat transfer. 

Spirotherm Case Study: Image of the Mosinee School in Wisconsin and quote from the Director of Facilities

The solution was clear: Install a Spirovent to remove all free, entrained and trapped air.

Without making any other changes to the system, the Spirovent removed all entrained air and proved that air was indeed the culprit.

Spirotherm Case Study: Results after Spirovent Installation
Spirotherm Case Study: boiler loop water samples over a 3-week period
Spirotherm Case Study: every school in the district now has a Spirovent installed