Helping Transform St. Louis’ Convention Center with Alliance Air Handlers and Marley Cooling Towers

Project Overview

The expansion of Cervante’s Convention Center located in downtown Saint Louis positions itself as an appealing location for national conventions in the near future. The expansion aimes to modernize and expand facility space and improve the attendee experience.

This case study focuses on the integration of heating and cooling for the new expanded space, particularly the fully custom Alliance Air Handlers and Marley Cooling Towers.

Project Challenges

1. Budget Constraints:

Problem: With an extensive project scope and primarily funded by a bond and tax revenue from tourism, maintaining budget for high-quality solutions was incredibly important.

Solution: Midwest Machinery does not claim to have played a significant role in the overall project budget. However, by incorporating two of our solutions—Marley Cooling Towers and Alliance Air Handlers—The city was able to receive top-tier cooling towers and air handlers that met the project’s stringent standards without exceeding the budget. The equipment provided was acknowledged for its reliability and cost-effectiveness, thereby ensuring the project’s financial objectives were achieved.

2. Project Timeline:

Problem: It’s always a race against the clock to complete a building and utilize it for revenue generation as quickly as possible. The convention center expansion was no different. The construction schedule, necessitated rapid delivery and installation of essential components.

Solution: Alliance Air Handlers, a member of Daikin Group were selected for their notably short lead times and precision attention to detail. At a time when other brands were quoting over 50 weeks for delivery, Alliance promised a 24-week lead time, significantly accelerating the project timeline and ensuring on-schedule completion.

3. Sound Sensitivity:

Problem: Given the venue’s wide array of potential uses, including events where sound clarity and volume are critical, managing noise levels of the air handling units was a significant concern.

Solution: Midwest Machinery customized the Alliance Air Handlers with acoustical sound options. This included the integration of perforated panel liners, baffles, low sound fan blades, grommets, and spring isolators, effectively minimizing noise and ensuring the convention center met its acoustic requirements.

Project Impact and Community Benefits

The successful completion of the Cervantes – Americas Center/The Dome project has far-reaching implications beyond the immediate improvements to the facility. It’s a major step forward in St. Louis’s efforts to revitalize city enhance its competitiveness in the national convention market, and foster economic growth.

St. Louis City Mayor Tishaura Jones captured the essence of the project’s impact at the groundbreaking ceremony, stating:

“This expansion to America’s Center will help secure its place as a beacon for travel and tourism in the Midwest, creating good jobs for working families across our region. Attracting more conventions and attractions will strengthen our city’s urban core and make Downtown an even better place to live, work, and play.”

Her remarks underscore the project’s role in creating employment opportunities, increasing economic activity, and enhancing the quality of life for residents and visitors alike. The project not only addresses the practical needs of modernizing and expanding the convention center but also aligns with broader goals of urban development and community enrichment.


The upgrades to Cervantes – Americas Center/The Dome extend beyond the convention center. By leveraging solutions from Midwest Machinery and fostering strong partnerships, the project contributes to the economic invigoration of St. Louis, ensuring its position as a key player in the national convention scene and a robust urban center of the Midwest.

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