About Ventus

VTS Group is a leading provider of Ventus air handlers for commercial applications, focused on offering innovative products at competitive prices with a quick turn-around.
The group is the No. 1 provider of air handling units in Europe and leading provider in the world, with established platforms across quickly developing markets of the Gulf States, China and India, a thoughtful mixture of greenfield investments and acquired businesses.

VTS offers streamlined, flexible and innovative AHU with a wide range of applications covering market needs at competitive prices.

Ventus in the USA

VTS entered the American market in 2014 with a product Line called Ventus Born in the USA, that combines European technology and American sustainability, offering Ventus air handlers tailored to the needs Americans. Ventus born in the USA air handlers are available in either horizontal or vertical configurations, and the unit offers a wide range of applications, providing a low-cost method of air conditioning and/or heating buildings at the same time.
The units can be configured for different inlet positions for easy duct connection, so as the components inspection panels, which can be specified for right or left side.

awareness in this market of global application successes to date.


 Ventus Air Handlers Advantages

Ventus is committed to determine new standards in the ventilation and air conditioning trade, developing solutions that are lighter, more silent and also distinguished by good operation parameters. 

  • 16 sizes available
  • 200 CFM to 60000 CFM capacity ranges
  • Week delivery time as a standard
  • Innovative frames casing – a unique casing structure provides excellent integrity and rigidity to the AHU
  • Operation in different climate conditions (-40°F to 150°F)
  • Plenum fans with backward-curved blades, which guarantees high efficiency, silent operation, substantial energy savings, and a maintenance-free unit
  • Energy recovery efficiency up to 85%
  • AHUs with full control systems providing a simple and clear interface which allows users to read and set up the necessary operation parameters
  • Warranty of up to 5 years for selected components
  • Low weight
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