Boiler Flue: Get it Right The First Time

In the 7th episode of our podcast, our host Brian Gomski, and Midwest Machinery Sales Engineers Eric Eyler and Stephen Higgins talk about one of the elements that can significantly impact efficiency in condensing boilers: boiler flue.

The guests address factors that influence the correct flue choice, such as application, where it is going to run, and the temperature one is trying to achieve.

They talk about the different types of material in flue, and how they are evolving fast to meet the standards of high-efficiency boilers while prioritizing safety.

The guests also emphasize the important role of flue gas temperature, and how it drives the decision of which boiler flue material to adopt – along with the length of the flue run, that helps determine the appropriate diameter of the pipes.

In addition, Eric and Stephen discuss the impact of oversized and undersized piping– such as combustion issues – and the importance of drain sections and reliable joint connections of pre-fabricated piping pieces.

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Brian asks about how sales reps can make a difference in all stages of the project: pre-installation, installation, and post-installation, and work in partnership with engineers and manufacturers to achieve great results.

Listen and enjoy some funny “fail” boiler flue stories here.

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