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Podcast Episode 33 | Custom Air Handlers – Best Practices for Unit Selection

Custom Air Handlers – Do THIS when designing your HVAC system …

This week George Paich from Alliance Air Products joins Brian Gomski and Troy Gladstone to discuss the most important thing to remember when selecting an air handler and the most important things NOT to do.

Alliance Air Products was established in 2004 as a custom retrofit air handler manufacturer, but has since grown into all areas of custom HVACR manufacturing. Alliance started business with 15 employees and 33,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space. We have since grown to over 700 employees in 230,000 sq. ft. manufacturing space. Alliance is a privately held company with a very solid financial base, and has the capacity for rapid expansion in manufacturing capacity.

Whether you need is for a standard air handler, complex package system or specialized construction that modular units can’t handle, Alliance Air Products adds value by solving problems and giving you a solution that meets your needs. Our components are certified by an array of agencies including UL, AGA, CSA, ARI and AMCA. Our products are ETL listed.

Podcast Episode 31 | The Future of Engineering with Pradyut Paul

Managing engineering teams and data in multiple locations and offices can be a challenge. Existing solutions are bulky, require hefty implementation, are difficult to learn, and aren’t flexible enough. Bild has designed a secure and integrated way for engineers and hardware teams to share and collaborate on visual assets on the cloud.

Podcast Episode 29 | Dirt and Air Separators: A MUST Have for Your Building System Loop

Protecting the investment in high-efficiency boilers, chillers, and other system components necessitates efficient fluid distribution. Eliminating air and dirt removes many routine maintenance items, saves energy, and improves overall system performance and heat transfer.  But, not all dirt and air separators are equal or perform the same. Tune in to see why we recommend Spirotherm dirt and air separator technology for many applications.

Podcast Episode 28 | The Battle: Counterflow vs Crossflow Cooling Towers

The great debate. There are predominantly 2 types of cooling towers – counterflow and crossflow. The primary distinction between crossflow and counterflow cooling towers is how the air passing through the cooling tower interacts with the process water being cooled. In a crossflow tower, air flows horizontally across the direction of the falling water, whereas air flows in the opposite direction (counter) to the direction of the falling water in a counterflow tower.

Podcast Episode 27 | Boilers 101 with Camus Hydronics

Don’t be confused by the rapidly advancing state of commercial boilers. Podcast guests Brad Carll (Camus) and Jeff Henderson (Midwest Machinery) give us a great introduction to the technology, when and how to use it, and what to look forward to in the near future.

The Future of Filtration with Permatron

permatron filter podcast

Have you ever wondered how much performance is actually reduced with dirty equipment? In this episode, Jim Moran of Permatron and Brian Gomski discuss HVAC equipment filtration and why it’s vital to peak performance.