Design Envelope – The Evolution of Pumps?

mizzou chiller plant

We’ve all been told with pumps that you can either have lowest installed cost or highest efficiency but never both.

I’m here to tell you that’s completely false.

The fact is, Design Envelope technology has been around for over a decade, installed in thousands of buildings, and helping Engineers win design awards across the world.

Top firms are successfully integrating Design Envelope into their projects.

Below is a quick video that explains the technology and why it is truly the next evolution in pump technology.

Brian’s background started in design, web and art direction, his interest quickly became marketing. It’s the perfect hybrid between creative and business.

In a world where you have to hire a marketer and then designers/programmers to execute, he can do it all.

Through thousands of hours of study and execution, he became proficient at creating effective content, digital marketing, growth hacking, branding, video, design, copywriting, event planning and more.

Results from real-world experience have delivered better leads, higher revenues, top search results and lasting impressions for top brands throughout the world.

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