Heat Pumps 101: Which Systems to Use and When

In the 6th episode of our Engineering Tomorrow podcast, we discuss all things water-source heat pump in the commercial industry.

Our special guest and experienced Engineer Jeff Henderson, Sales Manager for Midwest Machinery saint Louis, explains what water-source heat pumps are, how they operate, and why they are popular among hotels, apartment condos, and schools.

In addition, we discuss the advantages of WSHP when it comes to energy savings and ease of installation, and also the advantages in comparison to chillers for particular projects.

Our host Brian Gomski, Director of Marketing and Business Development for Midwest Machinery raised questions regarding noise control and maintenance issues, and also a largely debated subject in the industry: Which one is better, water-source heat pumps or VRFs?

We’ll go over golden tips on how to choose the proper equipment and cooling tower to achieve the most efficient and reliable system, calculating heat rejection, using a multiplier for diversity, the power of redundancy, and a list of what you will need to install water-source heat pumps in a facility.

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