Engineering Tomorrow Podcast: Listen, Learn and Laugh with our VRF Pros

We’ve just released a new podcast episode, and it’s amazing to see how much we have improved since the first one. In an informal conversation with Alan Clayton and Sam Heilbronner, two VRF pros, our host Brian Gomski gets the inside scoop on VRF and Hitachi.

Alan and Sam explain what VRF is and how it works, the different types of VRF, ideal applications and installation, and everything related to the product. They also bring up info about the VRF market, future projections, and how Hitachi is making a difference.

Alan tells us a little more about how Hitachi started in the U.S., the partnership established with Johnson Controls® in 2015, the benefits for customers, and the passion that guides everyone who works for Hitachi.

Click to listen, learn, and laugh with them!