The Street Guide to Rooftop Units with TempMaster

Last week, the Midwest Machinery team in St. Louis was immersed in training with two rooftop experts from Tempmaster: Philip Smyth, product manager for large rooftop units (25-150 tons) and Eric Evenson, regional sales manager in the St. Louis area.

Despite the busy schedule, they both made time to join us for another podcast episode.

We talked about what rooftop units are, and the role Tempmaster plays in designing and manufacturing more efficient equipment. One of the examples is the new OmniPremier, a recently launched benchmark in commercial rooftop units between 25-50 tons.

tempmaster rendering

Tempmaster, supported by the parent company Johnson Controls, has developed the latest technological advancements in the packaged rooftop market. With the largest R&D facility for this piece of equipment in North America, Tempmaster develops, manufactures, and tests all units according to efficiency levels that will be mandated in 2023.

Philip and Eric talked about the company’s marketing efforts in understanding what customers value the most, and the study made in which reliability, performance, and serviceability were pointed out as the main benefits a rooftop unit should provide.

Based on the outcome of the study, Tempmaster made some incredible tweaks on their products, achieving up to 50% greater efficiency than is required at part-load conditions. Among them, we can cite thermal resistance casing, variable speed drive compressor, and direct drive plenum fans.

All of the investment in product research and development put them in a position to offer the most complete range of factory options in the 25-50 tons packaged rooftops. Tempmaster’s solutions allow unseen modulation options, energy recovery, bypass dampers, true free cooling and more.

The guests also talked a little bit about the MAP Gateway tool and its benefits for start-up, commissioning, and servicing equipment. They also talked about Verasys, a building automation system that easily orchestrates a rooftop VAV system, being perfect for applications such as small offices and churches or small manufacturing facilities.

Brian Gomksi, our podcast host, asked the special guests about what Tempmaster has done for contractors. To that question, Philip gave examples of how they made routine tasks easier by being proactive, helping with diagnosis and maintenance. The conversation ends with great tips for contractors in order to not set themselves up for trouble when installing a rooftop unit.